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However, there are several weaknesses or gaps that need to be addressed, according to my assessment. One of the core issues or weaknesses in my communication is related to my ability to give oral presentations. I believe that this gap can be easily addressed via training. The textbook by Baack (2012) outlines some of the core tips for designing effective presentations, both oral and written. Referring to this text, as well as to experienced public speakers, I can improve my ability to deliver compelling oral presentations without being nervous. Interactive web-based training has also been proven effective in helping to improve one's communications skills (Rider, Hinrichs & Lown, 2006). In the healthcare sector, "physicians' interpersonal and communication skills have a significant impact on patient care and correlate with improved healthcare outcomes," (Rider, Hinrichs & Lown, 2006, p. e127). Because I may or may not work in the healthcare sector, it is important to keep this essential fact in mind. When I develop my communications skills, I will do so systematically and keeping...


Some workplaces will require nonverbal as well as verbal communications skills. It is important to refrain from gossip and other traits that can harm the organizational culture (Baack, 2012). My self-assessment and assessment from other people show that I am prone to gossip and this may be causing a lower workplace morale. In the future, I will learn how to be kinder and less judgmental, by reading books about sensitivity and learning how to not be rude even if I do not mean it. Cross-cultural awareness is the key to personal communication growth and development.

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