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¶ … Company, Address Ethical Code and Mission

Mission Statement and Core Values: Coca-Cola

For this paper, Coca-Cola was chosen. Finding the company's mission or values statement was actually easy. There was an "our company" link at the top of the main page, which connected to a page that listed information on the company. In the left-hand margin, there were several options, one being a link to the mission, vision, and values. It only took a couple of clicks to find what was needed, and that made locating Coca-Cola's mission statement very easy to do. Anyone wanting to know what matters to the company and what the company stands for would have no trouble finding that information.

The problem I had with the mission statement was that it seemed rather generic. Since Coca-Cola is a soft drink company, it would make sense that part of its mission statement would be "to refresh people," but somehow that came off as trite. What does Coca-Cola really think about the deeper issues of society? What it is doing, as a company, to help with anything that may be going wrong in the world today?...


Most of what the company lists is generic, and could apply to any business, so it feels as though no thought was really put into identifying the company as a specific entity.

Another problem I have with the information located on the site was that it was designated to be "2020 vision" as a long-term plan. Long-range planning is a good thing, but 2020 is too far away to plan how things are going to go, and with a generic, plain kind of plan, there is really nothing inspiring about the company's information. I also detest the phrase "be the brand," but that may be just a personal choice. I cannot imagine how someone could "be" a soft drink, or why they would wish to do that, for any reason. Regardless of that, it was very exciting to be able to find Coca-Cola's mission, vision, and values so easily, and then…

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