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computer capacity evaluation is helpful for educational institutions. In addition to having many of the same IT requirements as other businesses, schools benefit from the use of technology in additional ways. Educational institutions use technology as an effective tool for promoting student learning, to enable new roles for students and teachers, to support professionalization of educators and to extend learning beyond the school walls (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.). Given the benefits of technology, the educational institution likewise has requirements for computer performance evaluation and capacity planning. Consequently, schools also stand to benefit from capacity planning that makes sure IT meets the demands placed upon it.

Research has documented the impact of technology in education and helps to underscore the importance of capacity planning and computer performance evaluation. Experts point to studies showing that careful planning is a prerequisite to effectively implementing technology in education and training. Planning and evaluation allow education stakeholders to be involved in IT design and to be guided by education and training needs
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of learners. Computer performance evaluation also allows the educational institution to specify clear objectives related to education goals and to incorporate technology applications and practices that have been tested and shown to provide educational benefits (Cradler, 2011).

Because IT capacity planning enables reengineering, it supports business processes that impact educational institution performance. One of the benefits of effective capacity planning is the ability to map business objectives, that is, user requirements, into quantifiable IT resources. Capacity planning also allows schools to use the planning function as a management tool that provides reports on service, resource usage, and cost. These reports provide an objective record that makes it clear what is involved in providing IT users with good system performance. With the information provided in capacity planning reports, an educational institution has the necessary input required for making business decisions which involve IT. This input helps decision makers avoid nasty surprises that threaten budgets, create chaos and impact performance (IBM, 2010).

Typically, most businesses face budget constraints and must determine the optimum use of available resources. When schools…

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