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Additionally, it will boost team morale and teamwork and better employee relations and retention as well. Overall, performance will be improved. Intervention as a team is a must for the conflict resolution process to work. This process unlocks the power in a team and then provides an opportunity to negotiate and mediate problems. The results are detailed action plans which brings out strategies for improvement of a company. To ensure that all of the team members understand the project's goal and are committed is an effective methiod that can be used to avoid group conflicts. A team is normally formed involving a rational making decision process. Therefore, it must also be maintained through the agency of rational conflict resolution methods.

Sample Project Definition Document

As we mentioned above, it is important for a project to be able to procure the requisite permits and other permission documentation. Also, as mentioned above, this is critical in international projects where good relations between host nation clients and a United States company will make or break the viability of a project. Such guidelines are usually available on government websites. While this author could not find one on an Abu Dhabi or a United Arab Emirate web site, they did find one from Qatar which will serve as a good model for the project definition document in this essay ("Project definition document," 2011). Since the prominent managers in the projects are listed in the project definition document, it is paramount that key personnel be retained. As such, conflict resolution policies and procedures will be covered in the document for the Abu Dhabi government's inspection.

A critical aspect of such projects in the reasons have been environmental concerns. FEL needs to build the plant in compliance with new environmental regulations that have limited rock quarrying till now in Abu Dhabi. The local companies do not have the experience that FEL has in buliding environmentally safe quarrying physical plant. Like others in the United Arab Emirates, with Sharjah becoming one of the latest Gulf states in 2011 to place a ban on all crushing operations due to environmental issues. Even where such operations have not stopped completely, there have been restrictions in many countries on wadi or riverbed gravel operations to protect from degradation of scarce regional water resources. However, the Metzo quarry in Oman has gotten permission to almost double its designed capacity in order to meet a resulting increase in demand for construction and highway projects in Abu Dhabi (Metso minerals, 2011). For security reasons as well as economic reasons in the wake of the Arab Spring demonstrations and revolts throughout the Middle East, the Khalifate is anxious to localize its production of such basic and strategic resources without endangering its precious water resources.

A model for this project will be one that FEL completed for AMEC Mining & Metals, in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011. While the plant is practically brand new,

Ken Boyd, Manager of Material Handling, for AMEC Mining & Metals attests that the plant has passed its first environmental by the British Columbian provincial and Canadian federal governments in December 2011 with flying colors (Boyd, 2011). During the Project Abu Dhabi Project Definition Document, we will refer to the project with design and environmental concerns in the construction of the Abu Dhabi rock crusher plant project.

Project Abu Dhabi Project Definition Document

1. Purpose

This Project Definition Document has been written to provide a brief overview of Project Abu Dhabi in order to promote a shared understanding of prior to a more detailed plan, budget and Schedule, and Budget is prepared.


Problem / Opportunity

Franklin Equipment Ltd. has contracted to design and fabricate a rock crushing plant for Project Abu Dhabi in an environmentally friendly manner. The company needs to build the plant in compliance with new environmental regulations that have limited rock quarrying till now in Abu Dhabi. Lilke others in the United Arab Emirates


Project Goal

The goal of Project Abu Dhabi is to provide a constant and dependable supply of crushed rock for public infrastructure projects.


Project Objectives

Through the integration of mine and mill design, efficiencies are anticipated in bettering water quality by 50% via the plant's more efficient operations.


Project Scope

In this section, there is provided a high level list of major activities that the Project Abu Dhabi team will undertake and the major deliverables.

There are essentially three main steps in the design of a good rock crushing plant: process design and equipment layout and selection. The first two of these are dictated by the production requirements also the design parameters (Boyd, 2011),


Key Stakeholders

In this section, the PERT diagram above provides a list of the people with the strongest interest in or influence over the project's work and results.

Much of it is self-explanatory, however, let us mention the overarching FEL has to conflict resolution as a foundation company policy goal that is precious to us. In addition to taking care of our clients, we need to take care of each other. We will not always agree with one another. This is inevitable. It is the philosophy and policy of FEL to differences as an asset not a liability. With every seeming conflict is the potential for discovering a new and better way of doing things in order to benefit our clients and our employees as well. Conflict resolution techniques can include arbitration, taking the employees on retreats or counseling cessions.

Decision-makers: The people have authority and the decision-making power over the project are indicated in the PERT diagram as managers.

Influencers: People such as the facilitator has considerable power to influence the course of the project despite not occupying a managerial position.

End Users: The stakeholders who will benefit from the project will be the people of Abu Dhabi who will now possess a regular supply of environmentally safe crushed rock for critical infrastructure projects such as highways, roads and buildings.


Outcomes/Success Criteria

For FEL to consider the project a success, it is not just enough to please the client, as important as this is. As mentioned above, the general public must rewarded with an abundant supply of crushed rock.


Assumptions and Constraints

This section lists the environmental assumptions and constraints of Project Abu Dhabi.

These are extremely important because in the past, they have lead to the shutdown or scaling back of projects.



This section of the project definition document lists the project's assumptions. Assumptions are factors outside the scope of the project that could affect its success and which the authors of this document believe to be true.

The assumptions for this project are as follows:

Project Abu Dhabi will be finished on time and on budget for $USD 100 million.

Water quality will be increased by 50% over previous rock crusher plant designs in Abu Dhabi.

Also, the resources allocated for the project will be adequate and available to work on the project.



Violation of Abu Dhabi environmental regulations will result in the shutting down or delay of the project. Time or budget restrictions

: The project is supposed to be completed for $USD 100 million within one year. There is a required adherence to specific environmental standards



This section lists project risks. Risks are something that may or may not happen in the future that could have a negative impact on the project.

10. Estimated Cost of Project Abu Dhabi

$USD 100 Million Dollars.

11. Estimated Duration of the Project

and Critical Stages

The contracted length of time for the project form beginning to completion is one year. In any mining operation, the layout of crushing plants and their ancillary structures and equipment is a crucial factor in order to meet client production requirements, keeping operational and capital costs to a n absolute minimum. This paper has addressed the critical design parameters put forth by the client as well a consideration of ore characteristics, climatic conditions, geographical location, expected operational lifetimes, safety, expansion potential, environment and maintainability and operability (Boyd, 2011).


In this essay, the author has shown typical results in consonance with the learning outcomes and sub-outcomes outcomes of the course as 0 stated in the syllabus in terms of working with others, teamwork, groups and group dynamics. Also, the essay has described the nature of groups and group behavior within organizations and investigate the factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success. In the essay, we have also identified the most appropriate organizational structures, roles and responsibilities of participants in a project and plan and specify the human resources and requirements for that project. We have explored conflict resolution extensively so that key personnel can be taught to live and work together and thereby prevent delays that could hinder the fulfillment of the project on time and on budget for Project Abu Dhabi.

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