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Using the Theory of Planned Behavior and the idea of perceived behavioral control, you can see how these advertisements hope to influence the consumers purchasing decisions. They are hoping that they will buy their product not based upon the idea of simply just buying the product, but the feelings that they will have about buying the product. They want the consumer to buy the product in order to have a nice smelling house. All three of these products have the same end result, a nice smelling house. It is the delivery of the nice smell that is different among each product. The manufacture is counting on the fact that the consumer will buy the product because it will produce the end result of making their house smell nice. The delivery system of each product will play a role in which particular product out of the mix the consumer will purchase and ultimately which brand will be bought over another.

Understanding the thought processes that a consumer goes through in making their decision on first whether to buy or not and then more specifically which particular product to buy within a category can be crucial to the success of a business. Some of the issues that marketers need to keep in mind when developing advertising campaigns include:

The psychology of how consumers make choices between different alternatives

The psychology of how consumers are influenced by their environment

The behavior of consumers while they are actually shopping for products

How consumer sometimes lack the...


Markets have to look at all the factors and influences that can affect the way that consumers behave. They must also take into count the idea that these factors can be every changing, which makes it even more difficult. I think that the advertisement for Airwick was the most effective in doing these things. It struck a chord with me about wanted to spend time at home and having it smell nice when you are there. This in turn created a need for me to have this product so that my home would smell nice.
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