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Restrictive Course, Self-Control & Idealism

Describe the Most Restrictive Course/Classroom

The most restrictive course I have taken would have to be Critical Thinking. As noted, in the text, as a pupil, my responsibility is to learn. Not only am I to discover knowledge that I think I should know, but also what it is important for me to know. For this reason, the position of the teacher is critical.

In this course, the teacher had a very hands-off approach to teaching. Students were left to control much of the classroom, directing interactions and discussions. It was not a teacher-centered course, but a student centered one. For this reason, it is probable that we did not learn the most important information on the subject matter. Although pupil experience and interest was utilized in the classroom, it was hard to determine if the teacher truly knew the subject fully, as he simply acted as a moderator for much of the time.

With this lack of guidance, what some would see as unrestrictive, was more restrictive than if the teacher had been an active part of the education process. However, I was able to garner valuable knowledge because of this classroom setup. Not only did I learn material from the course content, but I also was able to learn how important it is for an instructor to be an active and objective part of the process.


To instill self-control, there are several factors that are critical, in the classroom. One such factor is leadership and authority. An example of this is the teacher's ability to not only make classroom rules, but receive input from the students regarding what the classroom rules should be. In this way, the teacher has established leadership and the students have ownership in the rules they've created.

Motivation is another critical factor in promoting self-control. Generating interest…

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