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Since, by definition, delinquency areas are characterized by a concentration of delinquents and criminals in a small geographical area, the chances would be slim of a child growing up in such a setting and not coming into contact with values and behavior that supported criminality (Shoemaker 2009).

The responsibility of a vice principal is not simply to punish bad behavior, but it is also to try to understand the reasoning for delinquent behavior, discovering deeper problems and issues and then trying to correct the behavior not only through punishment for actions but also through healthy and supportive encouragement. In this case, the fact that the child is from a lower socioeconomic background than the rest of the...


Counseling, as well as other support, should be addressed. Knowing more about the child's home life and environment will make it possible to assess what measures need to be taken in order to create more traditional non-delinquent behavior.


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