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Just short of completely sacrificing my social life, I have been obsessed with cryptocurrency for years and have surrounded myself with people and opportunities that have enabled this purpose-driven, optimistic vision quest. I have been both amateur and professional cryptocurrency analyst, almost as long as cryptocurrencies have existed. Starting in , I became the Treasurer of the MIT Bitcoin Club and strongly advocated awareness of crypto and blockchain technology among my peers.

While pursuing my education, I have had the opportunity to work in a few crypto-related positions during my summers. Last year, I accepted a position as an analyst at Cryptocurrency Advisory in Cambridge, MA, a role that directly prepares me to contribute as an analyst at Consensys. At Cryptocurrency Advisory, I created an analytics model that ranked all cryptocurrencies on the basis of several different measures. I intend to build on this work in the future by developing proprietary algorithms that add value to Consensys, helping you to gain competitive advantage by offering clients the means by which to make educated, evidence-based investment decisions.

Prior to that last summer, I worked for YCAP Asset Management in Paris. In this role, I was tasked with introducing new trading strategies involving cryptocurrencies.…skills. Already empowered with the knowledge of how to advise clients to develop a diversified crytocurrency portfolio, how to manage and mitigate risk, and how to remain a step ahead of the game via bespoke computer modeling, I am eager to extend and apply these skills.

My combination of education and experience is specifically geared towards cryptocurrency analysis, and of course I also have a deep fascination with both crypo and blockchain that goes back to my first exposure to this field four years ago.

I look forward to discussing further how I will put these skills to use with Consensys and the…

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