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Cover Letter Essays (Examples)

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Letter for Proposed Solution to Olympic Rowing Venue
Words: 1592 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 48322788
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Areas for Additional Research:

The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

August 8-24 2008

From Scholastic []

The history of the ancient Greek Olympic Games, including the nature of the competition and the reasons behind the cessation of the games.

The statistics and demographics of the Olympics.

Evidence and impact of nationalism on the Olympic Games.

More Olympic links: •

The Olympic rowing venue must adhere to standards including the incorporation of 20 network points for 20 employees, including cable along with 802.11 Wireless Access within the media centre; availability of internet laptop access and WiFi for visiting media to be able to allowed email, SSH, and internet availability; extended seating with Olympic Games wireless coverage for registered media personnel; coverage network requirements in accord with the installation of…

Letter of Intent to Graduate Program in Human Resources Management
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43090342
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Letter of intent: Diploma in Human Resources Management at McGill University

Over the course of my business career I have had the privilege of exercising leadership in a number of capacities in the marketing field. Most recently, I worked as a marketing coordinator at Best Kitchen and Bath - Modern Lamps. There, I engaged in market analysis; coordinated media-related activities; and increased the company's presence online and at tradeshows. Working for a relatively small, emerging organization was very gratifying because I was able to use my capabilities and knowledge in many different capacities. Previously, I worked for Microsoft as a marketing and sales associate. This offered me a completely different perspective on the field: my duties were highly specialized for this larger entity, and I focused specifically on the areas of organizing marketing events and performing marketing research. Both positions required me to use my quantitative as well as my…

Letter to My Addiction To an Old
Words: 985 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62260052
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Letter to My Addiction:

To an Old Friend,

Chai Latte, you have always been there for me every day, even when no one else was. As a result, you were my first love because I could turn to you when I was happy, sad, stressed, or angry. You were always there to give me comfort and relief by taking away my fears and insecurities, while giving me hope and strength to face the next moment and situation. While I felt alone in the beginning, you became my best friend by being ever-present to an extent I no longer feel lonely or alone. Your ability to lessen my pain, struggles, and worries made me to lean on you on a daily basis.

You appealed to my senses by enabling me to have increased focus and attention, especially in moments when I was tired and helpless. I turned to your strength at…

Letter to a Congressional Representative Congressional Representative
Words: 1300 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7582851
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Letter to a Congressional epresentative

Congressional epresentative

Support for health care bill

I am writing to request for your support in the health insurance bill. As you know, a proper health is vital and that we cannot enjoy wealth and other luxuries if we are not healthy. However, diseases like Influenza cough and other serious illness are unavoidable in our daily life. In addition, lifestyle changes have caused many individuals to suffer from illnesses like cancer, stroke, and heart attack. For those reasons, I advocate that the government should give health insurance to its citizens. The health insurance will insure against the risk of incurring health expenses (Hitchcock, Schubert & Thomas, 2003). This happens by first estimating the risk of health care among individuals. An insurer can then develop a routine finance structure such as payroll tax or a monthly premium. I believe the implementation of a Health Insurance Bill…


Boychuk, G.W. (2008). National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada Race, Territory, and the Roots of Difference.. Washington: Georgetown University Press.

Chaikind, H.R. (2004). The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): overview and analyses. New York: Novinka Books.

Green, M.A., & Rowell, J.A. (2006). Understanding health insurance: a guide to billing and reimbursement (8th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.

Hitchcock, J.E., Schubert, P.E., & Thomas, S.A. (2003). Community health nursing: caring in action (2nd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Thomson/Delmar Learning.

Letter Against Unionization Dear Mr Hines Thank
Words: 1880 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42334858
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Letter Against Unionization

Dear Mr. Hines

Thank you for our recent discussion regarding the American Professionals Union's attempt to organize our nursing staff. The nurses have made their many grievances known and I have listened intently to their rationale about unionizing. With the widespread shortage of nurses, many hospitals have given way to unionization. This is not a new trend. It is a popular way for nurses to resolve challenges and negotiate salaries. The American Nurses Association first endorsed collective bargaining in the later 19040s and at the time, viewed it as the road to improving both wages and working conditions (Carrell & Heavrin, 2007). Today, nurses' attention has shifted from wages, benefits, and work conditions, to also include patient issues. ecent strikes in California, Minnesota and Pennsylvania have focused on nurse to patient ratios in particular, after extensive research revealed a direct correlation between minimum nurse to patient ratios…


Carrell, M.R., & Heavrin, C. (2007). Labor relations and collective bargaining: Cases, practice, and law (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Harrison, M. (2012). Nurses Need the Right to Strike to Protect Patients. Nursing Standard, 26(34), 33.

Gillen, S. (2012). Under deconstruction -- employers chip away at Agenda for Change. Nursing Standard, 26(34), 12-13.

Sherwood, C. (2012) Untruths. Retrieved June 7, 2012 from .

Letter of Complaint to Whom
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89252600
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24, 2004 at 10:40 PM when he gave me an E. For the test. I had sent many e-mails to the instructor asking for my mid-term grade, but he said that it was still under review.

Throughout the term

Mr. Cameron read from an overhead projector that displayed small, blurry words and he often covered the words with his hand. Therefore, it was difficult to read the text and follow the lectures. To resolve the issue, I sent an email asking him to provide materials. However, he refused to provide the information and accused me of not listening to his lecture tape. I then had to forward his email to other students in the class to get him to reply.

A strongly feel that I did not get an appropriate level of interaction between students and faculty. This is a very vital part of the learning tool according to the…

Communication Jane Lee's Letter to the Human
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4978660
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Jane Lee's letter to the Human Resources Department at XYZ Solution is not effective and is unlikely to pique their interest. The letter has grammar errors that make it appear sloppy. There is too much superfluous information. The letter also does not take the audience's needs into account, and lacks the classic appeals of good persuasive writing -- logos, pathos and ethos.

The first thing Ms. Lee needs to do is to clean up the spelling and grammar. Capitalizing something like "math" and using the ampersand in mid-sentence conveys that the writer lacks professionalism. There is a word that does not exist ("flaure") and as a result a nonsensical sentence. There are other mistakes as well, and Ms. Lee will need to make significant revisions to make this a professional-caliber cover letter.

However, there are many other faults that make this an ineffective cover letter. Ms. Lee does not…

Sample Job Application Letter
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62899994
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Job-Application Letter

There are several positive aspects of the letter reviewed within this assignment and which will be evaluated herein. It is obvious from even a cursory read of this document that the author is very confident and fairly talented. However, there is a thin line between confidence and overstepping one's boundaries, and there are a few places in the letter in which the author's approach could stand some restructuring and re-phrasing to emphasize a greater degree of professionalism. By adhering to a more formal format for this cover letter, it is not improbable that the author could obtain the position that he desires.

Still, the basic structure of the letter itself is commendable. The fact that the author has written this on letterhead with his contact information at the top is beneficial, and he follows the general structure for a business letter nicely, including leaving a space between the…

both a CV and resume combine to make a letter
Words: 621 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73979431
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Personal Mission Statement

For the last several decades, I have dedicated myself to the healthcare profession. In fact, I have worked in some of the most challenging healthcare environments including intensive care and emergency wards. Therefore, my role position statement as a nurse practitioner is as follows. I intend to maximize my potential as an emergency care nurse capable of improving healthcare standards in any institution of any size.

My tentative plan for contract negotiation begins with my having 23 years of experience, both as an LPN and RN. I have worked in diverse healthcare settings primarily in the southwestern United States, have strong cultural sensitivity, and work in leadership positions because of my tenure and seniority. As I negotiate contracts, I intend to retain a position of leadership because this is where my talents shine. Because of my ability to work in high stress situations, I can manage a…

Management of Contemporary Organizations Cover
Words: 2506 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64872652
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All identified causes within CDE Apparel indicate that the high employee turnover is due to voluntary reasons, rather than involuntary. In other words, the staff does not leave because they are forced to, due to restructuring, firing or retirement, but rather because they choose to (Adorno).

6. Alternative Courses of Action

The solution to the current problems facing CDE Apparel resides in reducing the employee turnover. And this can theoretically be done through the implementation of a wide array of managerial strategies, such as employee selection programs, outsourcing, corporate culture or motivational forces, briefly presented below:

Employee selection programs encompass numerous strategies and measures implemented by the employer in the hiring process and can be used to efficiently reduce turnover (Adorno). This basically means that the manager at CDE will select those candidates which are best skilled to do the job and which perfectly integrate within the corporate culture, whichever…


Adorno, a.J., Understanding and Combating Employee Turnover in Call Centers, DeGarmo Group, Retrieved at  March 17, 2008

Droege, S.B., Hoobler, J.M., 2003, Employee Turnover and Tacit Knowledge Diffusion: A Network Perspective, Journal of Managerial Issues, Volume 15

Johnson, C., 2006, Employee Turnover, Reference for Business, , last accessed on March 17, 2008

Sheehan, E.P., Hockett, C., 1988, the Effects of Employee Turnover on Those Who Stay, University of Northern Colorado, Retrieved at  March 17, 2008

Letter at One Instance or Another Accountants
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 38392812
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letter at one instance or another. Accountants are of no exception in writing letters. In many circumstances, they are required to write a letter to the government, clients, or fellow professionals. The letters have a common characteristic; they are official. Therefore, they ought to be written appropriately, considering several properties. Among these features should be a well-organized letter, style, the right tone and format (May & May, 2012). Writing a letter in the appropriate way assures the writer that readers will receive the message as intended.

A comprehensive letter requires proper organization. Such a letter should include an introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction informs a reader about the themes contained in the letter. The body contains discussion of the themes mentioned in the introduction. These themes should be arranged according to their priority. It should be noted that paragraphs of a formal letter should be short and precise.…


May, C. B & May, G.S. (2012) Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants. Pearson Prentice Hall

Napthin, M. (2013). Writing Skills. Sydney: Insight Publications

Letters Evaluating Writing Dear Student
Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal Paper #: 4333328
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However, I would be more careful about choosing the words and the metaphors that you employ to do this, because you have a tendency to use overly dramatic images that do not really fit the story that well. I also noticed that you do not provide a clear introduction that gives the reader a clear indication of the major themes and direction of your essay. You have described the circumstances of your birth in both the present tense and in the past tense, so I would remind you of the importance of selecting one or the other and then sticking to that choice throughout your essay.

The organization of your essay is also somewhat confusing because you seem to shift back and forth between a narrative description of your birth and of your family's history and of the philosophical (and historical) perception of the importance of gender in Chinese society.…

Letter in a More Introductory Fashion Stating
Words: 314 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37863613
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letter in a more introductory fashion, stating that I've been visiting the facility and found some problems that need attention. Then I would request that the manager implement the requested changes. I would also change the reference to ethnic minorities, and persons who grew up in poverty and in single-parent homes. It is a valid statement, but it sounds very derogatory. Basic cleanliness does not have to be taught in a class. Instead, the requirements for joining the staff can be drafted in a written document to serve as a guide for cleanliness. Perhaps a class in basic cleanliness might be seen as somewhat insulting. There are better ways to handle such an issue.

I do believe that the tone is adequate. It's very formal, straightforward and polite. The focus on politeness has been maintained throughout the exchanges with the manager, and the draft of the letter is no exception.…

Letter Email to a Mentor Dear
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15017988
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Thus my proposal's intention is to secure this classes' inclusion into the regular university curriculum and to gain the necessary funding for the course materials and teachers. To do so, I will first present information to the university representatives from the current business and MBA programs that specifically relates to the importance of knowing a foreign language in today's global economy. I will make an interactive on-screen computer presentation demonstrating the fun and effective use of the new technology. Obviously, the representatives believe in the value of online education, but they may be skeptical about the ability to learn a foreign language online. Once they see how fun the talking and reinforcing programs for learning such languages can be, even when they convey a business vocabulary, I am certain I can win them over. I feel that my own foreign language experience and studying abroad, and my use of the…

Letter from a Birmingham Jail Analysis Essay
Words: 5159 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Writing a Letter from Birmingham Jail analysis essay offers the student the gift of going back in time to the courage and ferocity of the Civil Rights Movement to examine one of the most eloquent documents of that era. The Civil Rights Era was one of the uglier periods in American history—and one of the most triumphant and inspiring. No document embodies this dichotomy as fully as King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. In it, King details many of the horrors that black Americans have suffered at the hands of white hatred and complacency. Yet, the letter is without a doubt, a document of hope and conviction, inspiration and profundity. This paper details the background circumstances that provoked King in writing the letter and examines closely the brilliance contained in the words, ultimately discussing why it remains such a lauded document even today.


Letter from Birmingham Jail is often…

Employment Letter Creative Arts Therapist Dear Department
Words: 586 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38266030
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Employment Letter

Creative Arts Therapist

Dear Department of Veterans Affairs,

I am writing to apply for the position of Creative Arts Therapist (Music), as advertised on the U.S.A. JOBS database ( I am an American citizen and am compelled to treat those who have fought in the armed services. I also have a valid American driver's license, and would be available to relocate on short notice. It would truly be an honor and a privilege to assist the heroes who fight for our freedom.

I am currently receiving my associate's degree in Creative Arts Therapy. Although I do not possess substantial experience, my familiarity with both psychotherapy and dramatic arts ensures that I will provide outstanding service. I am talented in assembling pre-evaluation data, interpreting medical records, review prescriptions issued by the physician, conducting mental and physical evaluations, and finally, developing treatment plans. I have energy and compassion and will…


The New School For Public Engagement. (2012). Creative Arts Therapy. Retrieved from .

USA Jobs. (2012). Creative Arts Therapist (Music). Retrieved from .

Capsule a Letter of Introduction to Tell
Words: 1566 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5533788
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A letter of introduction to tell someone in the future about your day-to-day life. What is your daily experience? Tell this person about your habits, your customs, and your feelings about our present time, and your dreams for the future.

hope that this letter finds you in the best of your health. f you have opened this time capsule in the future then you will see that times have surely changed. Hence, am writing this letter with the intention of telling you some significant things about this century that will help you see few things about this society and will give you brief introduction about the life in this century.

At present, am a happily married woman who is a devoted wife and mother of a baby boy who is 18 months of age. My day-to-day life is very busy and includes taking care of my baby and my…

I find James Cameron's Titanic (1997) one of the greatest movies of our generation. This film is the mystical representation of the human experience through time. The story of Jack and Rose depicts something significant than the simple love story. Through Rose, this movie represents the struggle for freedom that woman of that time wanted to acquire. Similarly, Jack shows the freedom to run wild that we all yearn for. Hence, this movie is the most beloved movie of the 21st century as it has depicted the legendary story for generations that can even stir the souls of the people in the future.

8. A significant item from popular culture (a toy, gadget, fad, etc.)

One technological invention of the 21st century that has created great hype is the iPAD. iPAD has revolutionized the technical gadgets of all the times. Through iPAD, all the functions such as reading books, watching movies, listening to songs, playing games, surfing the internet and drawing the ideas have become very portable. Hence, with the introduction of an iPAD, we have now stepped into new exciting globalized world.

Dr King's Letter From Birmingham
Words: 991 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27301146
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Furthermore the rhetoric here is rich in symbolism. Dr. King draws parallels between the response of violence to his peaceful protests and other great personalities whose commitment to justice, truth, and love also had unintended and unfortunate consequences. Personalities like ocrates and Jesus, for example, could not be expected to deny their truth for fear of public reaction. Dr. King makes this argument even stronger by also drawing the parallel between himself and the completely innocent person, whose possession of money resulted in the evil of theft. By drawing these parallels, Dr. King points out that an argument regarding the actions of others cannot be used to condemn those who protest peacefully. Dr. King and his followers are innocent of the crime of violence. Dr. King's argument is therefore that they cannot be held accountable for the violence committed by others, who are neither followers of his, nor affiliated with…


King, Martin Luther. Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Smith, N. (2010). Rhetoric and martin Luther King Jr.: "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and "I Have a Dream." Article Myriad. Retrieved from:

Columbus Letters the Letters of
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12219545
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The key word in this passage is "pleasure" which indicates that Columbus's tone of voice is one of excitement and unbounded delight, due to "discovering" the many islands during his first voyage in 1492 which he was convinced held untold treasures like gold and silver which would help fill the coffers of the Spanish monarchy, thus guaranteeing that Spain would rule and dominate not only the lands but also the people by converting them to Christianity.

In contrast, Columbus's second letter addressed to the King and Queen of Spain sometime in 1493 is much more to the point and lacks any and all references to Columbus's highly subjective tone of voice regarding the lands and the possible riches they might hold. For example, Columbus mentions that the island of Espanola contains land "safer and better for farming and trading," a sign that Columbus is now only focusing his tone on…


Christopher Columbus." (2004). New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. Internet. Retrieved at .

Doak, Robin S. (2005). Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World. New York: Compass Point Books, Inc.

Ife, B.W. (2005). "Introduction to the Letters from America." Internet. Retrieved at .

Legislative Letter Dear Representative Boucher
Words: 460 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32348518
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This is an every growing problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

As a nurse it is very important to me to see that all people who need healthcare have access to it. In order for our nation to be healthy it is important that everyone have access to affordable health care.

Funding for this program should be achieved with both public and private funding sources in order not to put a burden upon either source and yet be able to provide the care that is much needed in this country.

With the overwhelming concern for the growing number of uninsured Americans it is very important that we put a plan in place that will allow all Americans to have affordable health care coverage and be able to get the health care that they need when they need it.

I urge you to show your support for this important piece…


Coverage: Mapping Health Care Coverage in 2019. (2009). Retrieved October 31, 2009, from Cover the Uninsured Web site: 

Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962. (2009). Retrieved October 31, 2009, from Web site:

Welcome Letter Client Agreement Client Intake Checklist
Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48033177
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welcome letter, client agreement, client intake checklist, and new client information forms are necessary and standard in the coaching and counseling professions. When drafting these documents for a specific client base, it is important to keep in mind the demographics of the clientele and the mission and vision of the business. Clients will notice if the forms are too generic or do not reflect the tone or tenor of the counselor. For this reason, the counselor should make sure to create personalized versions of these forms and use them judiciously.

The welcome letter should be used to establish rapport and create a personal relationship with the clients. In my case, the clients are in couples counseling. Therefore, the wording of the letter needs to reflect that we are dealing with more than one person in each session and that their differential needs are as important as their collective goals. This…

White Letters for Government Usage
Words: 2060 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21431813
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Future investments would be better possible and a timely payment of debts would also help the employer. For instance look at the employees who receive their wages on time as a result of a timely collection of the accounts receivable; knowing that they can count on the stability of the pay check, the corporate employees will increase their efforts and also increase the quality of their work. Further more, this could easily materialize in a superior quality of the products and services delivered by the organization, to eventually materialize in increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, larger corporate profits.

Other benefits refer to the better capabilities in keeping the accounts in good order. This would ultimately materialize in better possibilities of attracting investors or contracting bank loans. Also, the public perception of the company would improve as the new accountants would help with the timely payment of state taxes. "Failure to…


Harrell, C., 2008, Good Accounting Practices in the Key to Your Company's Survival, Enzine Articles,  accessed on October 28, 2008

Messmer, M., January 1, 2005, 2005 Accounting Hiring Trends, Strategic Finance

Weltman, B., Silberman, J., February 2006, Small Business Survival Book: 12 Surefire Ways for Your Business to Survive and Thrive, Wiley

Zahorsky, D., 2008, How to Find a Good Accountant,, Ast accessed on October 28, 2008

Business Product Letter to Whom it May
Words: 334 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90578770
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Business Product Letter

To hom it May Concern:

I am interested in purchasing your DiMAGE Xg digital camera. hile I have read a number of reviews on the subject, I find them highly technical and difficult to understand. In order to make my decision on the purchase of the item, I would like to ask you four questions.

One review that I have read notes that the camera is a 3.2 mega pixel imager (Steve's Digicam Online). hile I understand that a larger number of mega pixels means that the camera can take photos with better quality, I would like to know more about how the number of mega pixels translates to actual picture size. Specifically, will I be able to take photographs with the Minolta DiMAGE Xg that can be blown up to a 8x10 size? I like to display my personal photographs on the wall, so this is…

Works Cited

Minolta USA. Products: DiMAGE Xg. 09 April 2004. 

Steve's Digicam Online. Dimage XG Review. 09 April 2004.

Union Letter to Whom it May Concern
Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58257499
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Union Letter

To hom it May Concern:

It is with great enthusiasm that I declare my interest in advancing to the position of manager in charge of union affairs with our organization. The job and its many critical responsibilities correspond directly with my own skills and ambitions for advancement. Indeed, in my desire to advance the company and its interests, I believe that my virtues are best put to use in advocacy for the workers that make our company great.

I possess a particular skill set in human mediation that will translate well to the rigors of union management. This is critical because the position requires a unique balance between endorsement of labor rights and recognition of a company's limitations. here the historical relationship between unions and any form of management has been a rocky one, today there is a greater focus on finding ground for cooperation and collaboration. As…

Works Cited:

New Unionism. (2012). Managing Union Management.

Stim, R. (2012). Contract Negotiation: 11 Strategies. NOLO Law for All.

Tschida, T.J. (2006). Unions and Management: A Blissful Marriage? Gallup Business Journal.

Procurement Analyst Resume and Letter
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 74713428
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Procurement Analyst.

espected Sir or Ma'am,

This letter is in response to a job post or advertisement for the position of procurement analyst. I believe I am the perfect candidate for the position. I have both education and experience. Along with my Bachelor's degree I also have 15 years of experience as a procurement analyst in NYC and 7 years of experience as a contracting agent.

I am highly proficient with using a multitude of computer aided management tools and programs such as FMS and APT. My strengths lie in preparing and analyzing spreadsheets and feel comfortable in teams, leading and training others as well as utilizing software for business management.

I am an excellent communicator and have advanced time management skills. My experience has prepared me to handle a plethora of various tasks. I am dependable, consistent, and committed to my work. My resume along with this letter offers…

References Reference name, Company

Contact Information


Street Address, City, ST ZIP Code -- Telephone -- Email

Marketing Strategy Job Opening Letter
Words: 1065 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69253959
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I am lucky in that my education and my professional experience have both been directly in line with my plans for future development and success, and I have managed to put an excellent portfolio of past work produced together. These external achievements, however, while representative and formative of certain internal qualities and skills, will not directly assist me in achieving more and greater results in the years ahead. For this, I will need to engage in a specific development plan that addresses me personal characteristics, desires, and situation in a manner that is proactive, optimistic, and objective and honest as is humanly possible.

There has been a tendency on my part to overestimate my available time and capabilities, not in terms of my knowledge and skills but in terms of my speed and efficiency. While I consider myself highly productive, at times I take on more than I can handle,…

Hardship Letter - Nutritional Analysis
Words: 1376 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30738672
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Subject should also increase fat intake to better balance his diet.

Subject's fiber consumption was so far in excess of DV that negative digestive consequences cannot be ruled out.

Salt intake was more than the DV, but could be easily corrected with some minor dietary changes.

The Food Standards Agency has developed the Eat Well Plate as an easy to follow nutritional guideline.

The Eat Well Plate is a visual display and quick reference for consumers to better balance their diets in compliance with the DV's. Analysis revealed a shortfall in fruits and vegetables as well as bread, rice and pasta - the two largest sections of the plate. Subjects fat consumptions were well below the DV's, but per the Eat Well Plate are the smallest category recommended.

ecommendations for Subject's improved nutritional balance would include increased caloric intake, weighted heavily in the fruits and vegetables, breads, rice and pasta…


Nutritional Analysis Tool 2.0, created July 1999, retrieved January 31, 2009

Scarlett Letter
Words: 1749 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19205297
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Scarlet Letter

Modern day movies rarely do justice for the classics. The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne falls into that category. Even Demi Moore could not meet the genius of the original writing. "Demi Moore plays the strong-willed Hester Prynne brilliantly, and Gary Oldman (I want to marry him) turns Reverend Dimmesdale into an extremely complex and passionate character. The love between Hester Prynne and Reverend Dimmesdale lasts throughout the movie with great intensity - all of it rooted in the one amazing love scene which leads to Prynne's pregnancy." (hen Love Becomes Sin) I loved reading The Scarlet Letter much more than the I did seeing the movie and this report is an attempt to explain why I think so highly of the written work.

Nathanial Hawthorne was a writer from Salem, Massachusetts where his famous home, the House of Seven Gables, still stands to this day. Surprisingly, Hawthorne…

Works Cited

Eagen, Jr., Ken. "The adulteress in the market-place: Hawthorne and The Scarlet Letter." Studies in the Novel 22 Mar. 1995.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York: Bantam Dell, 1850.

Savoy, Eric. "Filial duty": reading the patriarchal body in 'The Custom House." Studies in the Novel (12/22/1993).

Traister, Bryce. "The bureaucratic origins of The Scarlet Letter." Studies in American Fiction (2001).

Paul and the Timothy Letters
Words: 947 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79006079
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Part 1:
The role of teachers is that of passing down the wisdom gained to one who is beginning. The problem with 21st century teachers is that some of the ‘wisdom’ is not wisdom at all, but rather, false teachings. If one examines 2 Timothy 2:14-26, it discusses dealing with false teachers. “Avoid godless chatter…their teaching will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, who have departed from the truth” (Stedman, 2011). These false teachers will destroy a person’s faith like saying the resurrection has already happened. Or, in the case of modern times, that there is no God and the soul does not exist.
In such instances, these teachers become what many see as false prophets, filling the minds of people, with information that causes chaos more than order. What one must do to circumvent such destruction is to adhere to the truth within God. “Flee the…

RFP -- Saddle Creek Hoa Letter of
Words: 5565 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 83068851
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FP -- Saddle Creek HOA

Letter of Transmittal

Hidden Creek Condominium Association

C/O Christopher Izzo, Condominium Treasurer

620 Frogs Leap Lane

Executive Vice President









We are a privately held firm that has been in business since 1965. We began as a family operated business and have retained that quality today through our personal approach to management services for common interest communities. We started small and though our customer base has grown to over 215 common interest communities, we continue to place personalized, "down-home" services at the forefront. Below are some ways that we do just that:

Our Mission

Our mission statement provides the "aim star" for our provision of property management services.

We strive to provide seamless service…


Saddle Creeek HOA (2011). The Management Group Associates, Inc. Retrieved https//

Chen, S. (2005). Homeowners Associations, Collective Action and the Costs of Private Governance. Housing Studies, 20 (2), 206-220.

Lewis, R. (2009). Managing Growth with Priority Funding Areas. Journal of the American Planning Association, 75 (4), 457-479.

SECTION VII -- VALUE-ADDED WORK -- Special features

CPA and accounting degree Letter
Words: 761 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61188664
Read Full Paper  ❯

The author of this letter has been asked to presume that the author is a senior in college and studying accounting. The general priority of the author in this situation is to become a Certified Public Accountant upon graduation and otherwise meeting the requirement set forth for sitting for the exam and gaining the certification. Two questions are to exist when it comes to all of this. The first is what the author is going to do to achieve the author's goals and the second is what, if anything, will keep the author from achieving the author's goals. While it is easy enough to say that there is commitment to the degree and the certification, one has to realize and remember that working as a CPA is no small thing and gaining and keeping that certification is no less of an item to consider.

The first goal of the author…

Individual Project Letter to Client the Consulting
Words: 4989 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29737831
Read Full Paper  ❯

Individual Project

Letter to Client

The consulting project was a tremendous success, and it was wonderful working with you. I can only hope that you are continuing with the great work that we started. This report will discuss the project from my perspective, and provide you with valuable insights and context into the work that we have done over the past several months.

The first section of the report describes the company and the sector in which it operates. The second section describes how I entered into the project and conveys my opening impressions and the information that I was able to gather through our initial discussions. This information was essential to framing the project.

The next section is about the diagnosis and the objectives. This section describes the grand objective that we talked about, the sub-objectives, as well as the structure of the multiple iterations.

After a note about…


Cooperrider, D. & Whitney, D. (2014). What is appreciative inquiry? Appreciative Inquiry; Retrieved July 15, 2014 from 

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Schein, E. (1995). Process consultation, action research and clinical inquiry: Are they the same? Working Paper No. 3833.

A Letter of Recommendation
Words: 936 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 56943430
Read Full Paper  ❯

Whomsoever it May Concern:

I feel privileged to write this letter of recommendation for Amy Ma, for whom I have the highest personal and professional regard. Amy is one of the founder members of the educational, nonprofit organization Teach for Japan (TFJ) that I initiated., and I have no hesitation to say that her contribution towards the success of TFJ has been nothing short of phenomenal.

I first met Amy in October 2008, when I was exploring the feasibility of replicating the Teach for America model in Japan at XXX Graduate School of Education. She was then, a recruiter at Aiueo, and I still remember our first meeting where she impressed me with her passion on people development, in particular, on leadership education. I was also convinced that her expertise as an HR professional would be useful in order to achieve my goal as an GSE alumnus, to transform the…

Intertwine Past Readings Covered in
Words: 2514 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25374002
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Dressed in T-shirt that says 'Life is slum' and frayed jeans.

Oh yes! His beating was intentional. The way they kicked and stomped him -- over and over again. Though beats me why 20% didn't think so. Bigoted idiots.

Three LA Police officers stomped, kicked and beat King with metal batons. The scene was video taped by George Halliday, manager of a plumbing company, from ninety-feet away.

Q. What were your reactions?

Scandalized. I remember thinking it impossible that such acts of police brutality -- Police of all things! You would think they would be above that -- were happening today. In America. In Los Angeles.

California is oen of the most civilized states. This isn't the South after all. Here's where we're supposed to, like, love everyone else and against prejudice. Especially the police. Couldn't get to grips with this at the time. Scary.

That riots started a few…

Unionization HR Response This Report Will Cover
Words: 1977 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14174720
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Unionization H esponse

This report will cover a number of topics that pertain to the options that exist to response to unionization pressures and attempts within an organization. Tangents that will be touched upon include the alternatives that exist, why those options may seem attractive and/or fruitful, theories that relate to the labor relations process/function, research and data that back up the recommendations and their expected efficacy and the pros and cons of each recommendation. No unionization strategy is foolproof but following the right proactive and/or reactive steps should eliminate the employees feeling they need to or should unionize.

Shutting down unionization efforts can be very tricky but it is not impossible. It is all about finding the weak point in the strategy that is being undertaken and fixating on it. For example, the unionization effort in the Zinnia case study only included the back-end workers and not the front-end.…


Reed, S.M., & Bogardus, A.M. (2012). PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources

certification study guide (4th ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub..

Winograd, D. (2013, October 9). Worker Calls Out McDonald's USA President Over Low

Wages: 'This Is Fair?' (VIDEO). The Huffington Post. Retrieved January 26,

Three Pieces of Job Communication
Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68771112
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Peak, Inc.

Is the resume limited to one page and does it include required sections (education, employment, skills/summary of qualifications section)?

No, it is a little longer than one page, but it does have all the requisite sections.

Is everything on the resume in the correct tense (past for past jobs, present for present jobs) and in parallel phrasing using action verbs?

Yes, the tense is correct and it contains parallel phrasing that uses action verbs.

Is the cover letter limited to one page and written to the specific job applied for (highlighting experience and why this person wants to work for that company/organization)?

Yes, the cover letter is one page long, but it could be more specific to the job opening.

Is the cover letter formatted as a business letter? (e.g. single spaced with only one space between paragraphs, no indentions for paragraphs, etc.)

Yes, the cover letter is…

References Sheet - Ms. Haaksma is listed twice. Cover Letter - The wording is awkward in places: Paragraph 1, line 1: "in application" should be "to apply"; Paragraph 2, line 1 -- Should read "organizations" (plural); Paragraph 3, line 2: Use of "However" is incorrect. Overly large printed signature should be handwritten instead.

7. How is the organization in the documents?

The documents are well organized.

8. How does the formatting look in the documents -- is the spacing and formatting consistent and easy to read?

Yes, the formatting and spacing are consistent and make the document easy to read.

Gregory Reyes Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Programs at
Words: 2325 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99718398
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Gregory Reyes, Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Programs at DynCorp International.

Reason selected. With my background in logistics, and particularly LOGCAPIII, I was familiar with the work of ANHAM Prime Vendor LLC. I knew that DynCorp International (DI) was a major competitor of ANHAM, and wondered what the opinion might be at DynCorp of the business case analysis (BCA) that argued a transition from LOGCAPIII to LOGAPIV would be prohibitive, considering that the run out to the exit from Iraq was short. As it turned out, and while I was formulating my questions regarding this topic, a press release called attention to the awarding of the prestigious Nunn-Perry Award to DynCorp International for its outstanding Mentor-Protege team formed with its small business partner, CenterScope Technologies, Inc. (CSTI). The award is given annually by the Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). What really attracted my attention was the growth achieved…

Fennimore Cooper's Literary Offenses
Words: 958 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29905395
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Twain and Cooper

Cover Letter

The following essay looks at Mark Twain's reaction to James Fennimore Cooper's writing, and more specifically at the praise given to Cooper by these people. The reader should take away that Twain was correct in what he wrote because he was structurally accurate. However, Twain slights Cooper in that he looks at his works from an only a structural standpoint. Cooper's works meant much more to American literature than the face value of the books. Cooper was an innovator as far as American literature went, and gave American writers a distinct voice.

At first the essay strikes of jealousy, but Twain seemed more irritated by what the critics overlooked than he was of Cooper's writing. The assignment was enjoyable because it speaks to the clear differences between a visionary writer and a more structural one. Twain is more of an engineer than a creator. He…

Career Interest Is Accounting Accountancy Is the
Words: 2443 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 49806372
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career interest is accounting. Accountancy is the process of evaluating the financial information about business entities to users such as the managers of the shareholders (Elliot, & Elliot, 2004). Accountancy falls into three areas: accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

I choose accounting since it will give me a solid employment with a lucrative wage and this is what is important to me. I have also learned that it can be fun in the investigative way if I se it as such. The work conditions are fine -- not too tedious and best of all I can structure them at my convenience. I can work either for an institution or be self-employed. Chances for advancement also depend on myself and, best of all, I can find global opportunities in any and every business..

• Career goals and career strategy

The kind of job that I am most interested in is working in…


Accountants and Auditors. Career Information.

Accounting Jobs Controller | Sample Resume 5 

Alba, J. Vault career guide to accounting. New York: Vault, c2002.

Employment Communication the Job Opportunity Data Analyst
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31936861
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Employment Communication

The job opportunity

Data analyst at Ciber, as solicited in the following advertisement from

"Ciber is looking for a Data Analyst to analyze data from various GFS. This Senior Data Analyst will have experience working in an enterprise environment and crunching numbers that have high levels of visibility.

Essential Skills

Strong to expert level skills and experience in MS Excel: if statements, vlookup, hlookup, pivot tables, macros, etc.

A rich history of analytical and problem solving skills and accomplishments.

Analytical and detail oriented individual that enjoys working with data solutions.

Strong to expert skills in data manipulation with tools like MS Excel and Excel reporting.

Ability to quickly comprehend complex spreadsheets/data.

Intermediate SQL query, & SSRS background.

Good communication and presentation skills to executive management audiences.

Skilled at working with large data sets in Excel, quickly resolving data-related issues.

Desired Skills

Clean lines of communication to Executive…

Audi My Chosen Company Is
Words: 1255 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89495610
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I was able to use these enhanced skills to successfully set the store apart from the competition by means of product differentiation and targeted sales strategies, as well as specific product promotions. I worked with my team and the community to enhance the benefit our products could provide to customers.

2. Why do you want this job?

I believe that your company and I can be of mutual benefit to each other. For myself, I feel that Audi has more self-development opportunities than any other company. Also, I love Audi's products and feel it would be a great honor to be able to work as part of the product management team. I feel that my years of experience and skills developed during my studies and professional experience will help the company move forward to achieve new goals every year.

3. What do you consider your main weaknesses?

My main weakness…


Audi Worldwide (2010).

Allegations of Sexual Harassment in
Words: 1593 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91202862
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Women in the military reported being sexually harassed at six times the rate of civilian women, and reported being sexually assaulted at more than twice the rate of civilian women. Moreover, women in the military seem even more hesitant than civilian women to report sexual assault or sexual harassment. Civilian women were almost three times as likely to report sexual harassment as women in the military. Moreover, while both civilian women and military women failed to report an alarming percentage of sexual assaults, civilian women were more than three times as likely to report those assaults than military women.

While this survey makes it clear that women in the military are at greater risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment than civilian women, it does not explain why the women are at risk. Future studies should look at the impact of race and socioeconomic status on those issues, because it…


McCall-Hosenfeld, J.S., Liebshutz, J.M., Spiro, a., & Seaver, M.R. (2009). Sexual assault in the military and its impact on sexual satisfaction in women veterans: a proposed model. Journal of Women's Health, 18(6), 901-9.

Street, a.E., Stafford, J., Mahan, C.M., & Hendricks, a. (2008). Sexual harassment and assault experienced by reservists during military service: prevalence and health correlates. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 45(3), 409-19.

Miller Inc Request for Quotation
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26534244
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The price should include delivery charges up to the registered offices of Miller Inc.

In case the vendor has any relationship with any board member or employee of Miller Inc., this must be exclusively mentioned in the cover letter of the quotation. Should later investigations reveal any such relationship, Miller Inc. reserves the right to cancel the award of the tender.


Quotes must be submitted in plain unmarked sealed envelopes with the RFQ number written on the top left. The quotation should be signed and stamped across the envelope seal to guarantee that it is unopened at the time of submission. The name and address of the vendor must be written on the bottom left corner.

Quotations must be signed by an authorized officer of the vendor and stamped with the company's official stamped. The quotation date must also be specified.

Three (3) clear and complete copies…

Death Penalty Costs
Words: 2265 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 6087793
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Enforce the Death Penalty for Murders Over a Life Sentence

Cover Letter

This paper addresses the question: Is it more cost effective to enforce the death penalty for murders over a life sentence? Several topics will be covered such as why it could be cost effective and why it has not been cost effective. Several articles point to the need for prisons to carry out death penalties in order for death penalty sentencing to be cost effective. The introduction will highlight why the death penalty has been regulated more so than enforced.

Other articles will also show how death penalty sentencing can be used a means of creating persuasive plea bargains as criminals do not want to experience death row. Another article states how expensive maintenance of death row inmates are vs. inmates who received life sentences. It also shows how many inmates were killed on death row vs. The…


Alarcon, A.L., & Mitchell, P.M. (2012). Costs of Capital Punishment in California: Will Voters Choose Reform This November. Loy L.A.L. Rev., 46, 221. Retrieved from 

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Nagin, D.S. (2013). Deterrence: A Review of the Evidence by a Criminologist for Economists.Annual Review of Economics, 5, 83. Retrieved from

Social Science Research Satisfaction With
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Lab Report Paper #: 4624377
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In addition, please find a ballot, which you may complete and mail back separately which will allow you to be entered into a prize draw for $50.00.

You were selected to participate in this study by a random selection of University Community members. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you may choose to withdraw at any time. There are no harms or risks involved in participating in the study, and there are no direct benefits. All of the information collected through this survey is entirely confidential and the survey collects absolutely no identifying information. The final report will be presented to University Administrators with data analyzed as a whole, and no individual case will be identified.

This study has received approval from the Institutional Review Board at the University of X. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the IRB chair at ____ or you may contact…

Riordan Supply Chain Proposal Package
Words: 1018 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43026852
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However, as it works in foreign production markets like China, Riordan must remain conscious of its strategy capacity for output of its product and for the input of the resources required for this product. Establishing this balance means determining the pace at which the company should import and stock fan motors as these relate to peak and slow sales peariods for the seasonal product line. This is to say that at this juncture, Riordan's priorities are in an expansionist strategy whereby it must maintain a substantial stock of the necessary resources in order to attend to a long-term effective capacity. The increased output required for an expansionist strategy means that Riordan is focused today on a design capacity that is based upon the different needs reflected in different market places. In the U.S., the 7% delay on a 93% delivery proficiency means that market demand remains ahead of supply. A…

Works Cited:

Riordan Manufacturing. (2008). Manufacturing Scheduling Software. Riordan-Manufacturing.blogspot.

Inclusion for Children With Autism
Words: 2883 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 93312546
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There is a growing body of support that indicates that while inclusion may be the best answer for mildly autistic children, it may not be the best setting for those with moderate to severe autism. Until now, research into the autistic child in the classroom has focused on taking the position of either for or against inclusion in the general classroom. However, when one takes the body of literature as a whole, it appears that inclusion is good for some and bad for others. This leads to the logical conclusion that differences exist between children who are successful under inclusion and those that are not. Understanding these differences is the key to taking the proper action for an individual.

Literature regarding autism and inclusion missed the important point that in order to make the program a success, we must decode the keys to success. One of these keys lies in…


Dybvik, a (2004). Autism and the inclusion mandate: what happens when children with severe disabilities like autism are taught in regular classrooms? Daniel knows. Education Next. Winter 2004. Retrieved March 10, 2009 at 

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Humphrey, N. & Lewis, S. (2008). Make me normal': the views and experiences of pupils on the autistic spectrum in mainstream secondary schools. Autism. 2008 Jan;12(1):23-46.

Job Application Consulting Technology
Words: 907 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56515664
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Job pplication

s noted on the JP Morgan's own website, the evolution of the credit derivatives market has shifted the entire technology agenda into the banking environment because of the creation of electronic markets. full understanding of how recent changes in technology can be related to international economics and development is thus critical to success in the field of consulting.

I believe I can offer a unique combination of technical, business, and personal skills to JP Morgan that relate directly to the interrelationship of technology, structural development, and international economics. My background in the electrical and structural aspects of engineering, my personal and social education in Europe, and my familiarity with business culture and terms would all make me a valuable asset to JP Morgan.

In September of 2002, I graduated with honors in Civil Electronic Engineering from the Free University of Brussels (V.U.B.). This background in engineering has given…

At university, I honed and developed my analytical skills, the apex of which was my thesis on the simulation of an ADSL-modem. My work has taught me how to tackle unstructured problems, rather than simply to apply outmoded concepts to new ideas. I am extremely comfortable with several program languages, including Visual basic, C++, Java and Matlab-Simulink. But beyond comfort, I know how to think creatively in the language of technology, much as I know how to communicate in a variety of languages.

A interned in 2001 with the Telindus Company in Beligu, an International telecommunications company, for which I wrote a program to use a sampler as an oscilloscope enabling the company to test modems. In my work for Eleven 11 in Antwerp, Belgium, I wrote a specific program to facilitate this Belgian diamonds company's accounting. Even during my 'leisure' time I found myself fusing my interests in technology and business, when I created with some friends of mine an investment club in February of 2000.

But at JP Morgan, my passion for technology and business would be fused, not simply into a single investment club, but would become the focus of my professional and intellectual life. I offer my skills, my energy, along with my passion to this great and renowned company.

Children Start Persuading Their Parents
Words: 979 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7137791
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Without knowing how to write persuasively, even a Harvard degree can get overlooked. Mastering persuasive writing is essential in the working world.

Persuasive writing proves exceptionally important in the working world after being hired, too. Some jobs directly demand persuasive writing skills. For example, marketing jobs might require copy writing skills; sales positions might entail writing frequent letters to clients. Whenever we need to encourage someone to use a new product or service or to continue to do business with the company in spite of recent setbacks, we need to write persuasively. Whether the letter is e-mail or type-written, persuasive writing skills are essential for success. Similarly, if we have to write a company memo, only persuasive writing skills can talk a supervisor into adopting a new communication protocol or adopting a new networking software system. Poor writing skills can even lead to being fired.

While persuasive writing seems impersonal,…

Business Management -- Employee Cross
Words: 1942 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 83244544
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Because cross-trained employees are more knowledgeable about the overall business processes of the organization, their conceptual understanding of the mission of their organization is enhanced by every incremental increase of their involvement and knowledge of its operations (obbins & Judge, 2009). Beyond that element of increased involvement, the fact that cross-trained workforces tend to improve the morale and organizational connectedness of individual employees also contributes directly to organizational benefits through the positive impact on individual performance. Finally, cross-trained workforces also collaborate better and exhibit increased interpersonal rapport with coworkers. According to generally accepted principles of organizational behavior, this element also improves individual work performance beyond what is capable of achieving without such interpersonal rapport among coworkers (ussell-Whalling, 2008).

Conclusions and ecommendations

The review of the available literature on the beneficial effects of cross-trained workforces on their organizations strongly suggests that, as a general rule, cross-training should be implemented in business…


Caggiano, C. "Sign of the cross-training times." INC. (Dec/1998): 122-123.

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George, J.M. And Jones, G.R. (2008). Understanding and Managing Organizational

Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Aloud or in Writing Making
Words: 17261 Length: 55 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71062622
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Companies such as XYZ Widget Corporation are well situated to take advantage of burgeoning markets in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa.

2. XYZ can grow its business by expanding its operations to certain developing nations in ways that profit the company as well as the impoverished regions that are involved, particularly when marketing efforts are coordinated with nongovernmental organizations operating in the region.

3. Several constraints and challenges must be overcome in order to succeed in selling to impoverished regions of the world.

4. Time is of the essence. First movers will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over their counterparts who adopt a "wait-and-see" approach to targeting the poor in developing nations as potential markets.


The world's population has never been larger, and there are more poor people today than ever before in history. Current trends provide some mixed messages concerning the direction that poverty is taking in…


Alserhan, B.A. & Brannick, T. (2002). Information technology in Ireland: the myth and the reality? Irish Journal of Management, 23(1), 1-2.

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Best Practices in Recruitment and Hiring
Words: 1452 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39850877
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Staffing Unit Leadership Talent

Staffing Unit Leadership

Our company's standard procedures for search, recruitment, and selection of employees is designed to ensure a high level of process efficiency, procedural consistency, regulatory compliance, and overall fair[footnoteef:1]ness to all stakeholders. We recommend the following steps to create structure for the recruitment and selection process: 1) Identify the vacancy (vacancies) and evaluate the staffing qualifications needed for the position(s); 2) Develop a job description specific to each position; 3) Develop a recruitment plan; 4) Select a search committee; 5) Post the position(s) and implement the recruitment plan; 6) eview applicants and develop a short list; 7) Conduct interviews; 8) Select the person(s) to be hired; and 9) Finalize the recruitment.[footnoteef:2] [1: Liu, C. (2001, March 11). The fairness factor (I): In recruiting hiring & interviewing. CM Learning. [Web]. etrieved] [2: ____. (2013). ecruitment & Selection Hiring Process, University of California at…

References: 5

____. (2013). Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process, University of California at Riverside. Retrieved 

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Consulting Plan for Pharmaceuticals Company
Words: 417 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57901376
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Consultant Cover Letter

CEO, Capellon Pharmaceuticals

This memo serves as an introduction to my consulting services and a briefing of the work I have just completed for Capellon. I met with Alexi Parsons two weeks earlier to outline a plan for my consultation and to set this day as the target for completion of my research. Below, I describe my perspective of the challenges Capellon faces, my research findings, and my recommendations to you and the board of directors.

Challenges. Productivity and morale have decreased company-wide. Resources have been heavily allocated to the marketing department, but year-over-year sales fell markedly.

Staff resisted required changes in policies and interactions have been sophomoric. Consequently, turnover had reached unacceptable levels that threaten to mare the company's reputation in the industry. The marketing manager does not have leeway to function effectively and is chronically micromanaged by superiors who do not understand the operations of…

Management Consultant What Do You
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94238858
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9. What entry-level positions are there in this field that a Management graduate might consider?

Entry-level employees are often tasked with conducting research and collecting data in the field. They are also charged with conducting focus group studies, the preparation of presentation materials, and spending a large amount of time in the field.

10. What are the key personal characteristics for success in this field?

The ability to think critically and analyze data carefully and in context with the project at hand has helped in consulting. The ability to think "outside the box" also helps with coming up with strategic recommendations.

11. What opportunities for advancement exist? Is this a rapidly growing field?

Management consulting is a rapidly growing field and specialization opportunities are rampant in both the private and public sectors.

12. Can you describe the salary ranges of typical jobs within the company or field?

The salary for…

Social Performance Part 2 This a Continuation
Words: 1629 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52851681
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Social Performance, Part 2 This a continuation assignment. Imagine company ethics program effective program. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Organizations encourages firm set ethics programs.

Company: Pinnacle Professional College

Pinnacle Professional College is a for-profit institution that offers technologically-related continuing education courses, professional certification, and degrees primarily in technical fields such as dental hygiene, diagnostic sonography, and radiology. For-profit institutions have come under increasing scrutiny by the federal government for taking student's money, causing them to go into debt, and giving them with degrees of little value. To set the school apart from such unethical institutions, Pinnacle must show that that students move on to gainful employment that they would not otherwise have been able to obtain without attending Pinnacle. Pinnacle also has an ethical responsibility to ensure that students to not accrue more debt than they can conceivably pay off in a reasonable period of time. According to one NYU…


Auburn University Student Loan Code of Conduct. (2012). Auburn University. Retrieved: 

Briody, Blaire. (2012)11 surprising student loan facts. MSN Money. Retrieved: