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¶ … globe has people of different backgrounds on basis of religion, culture, beliefs, economy and many other attributes, there is need to have some attributes that will help bind the globe. This is where the international laws come in, these are agreed upon treaties or conventions which nations look upon to bind them, often they have a universal attraction and entrusted into the hands of a global organization to ensure they are implemented. An example is the international law on basic human rights where each individual has the right to life and others that concern protection of women...


I was aware that there are rules of engagement in war but I never knew of the Jus War Doctrine. This is a doctrine that indicates that war is philosophically based on morals, there is a just war and unjust war. According to Christianity, any Christian must not love war but promote peace whenever possible, however, they must not be too shy to pick up arms when it is called for. This is done with the notion that evil must not be allowed to prevail.

Russia Vs Ukraine war

The antagonism between the Russia and the Ukrainian governments is based purely on the extent to which Russia runs into Ukraine especially on the eastern Ukraine. This region is dominated by Russian speaking people and it is claims that it belonged to the Russian before the separation of the Soviet Union. This region along the border was part of the Russian…

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