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Problem-based learning is something that teachers and students alike have been excited about, since it provides the opportunity not only to learn, but also to learn in a very practical setting, by solving presented problems. For educators, this presents a new and exciting world to help learners arrive at the level of knowledge they require to succeed in their immediate and long-term future. It is also important to recognize that students need particular traits to respond well and make good use of this type of education, especially at the tertiary level. When entering a physical therapy program that is strongly oriented towards problem-based learning, I will therefore use the skills that I have cultivated throughout my life and school career to make a success of this program; these include independent thinking, problem solving, group interaction skills, and self-discipline.

I have learned to be an independent thinker since a very early age. Many parents today overlook the fact that education starts in the home. My parents, fortunately, subscribe to the opinion that children begin learning when they are babies. Along with the general rules of life and society, my parents have also continually encouraged me to question everything I see and hear. When I was ready to go to school, I was already a highly critical and independent thinker. This created a good background for me to enter the wider social environment away from my parents.

Both at school and at home, I was faced with everyday as well as extraordinary problems. I would always follow a certain pattern when finding solutions, starting with what I know, using resources, asking help from others, and finally obtaining a solution. One of these problems was how to manage my time between equally important but conflicting things in my life. When I was a little older, this problem extended to my girlfriend, where she needed attention, but I also needed to pay attention to my other activities, such as my school work and sports activities. My first strategy…

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