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Therefore, the incorporation of patterns that are decidedly symmetrical and geometrical has a greater effect in this dance. The staid, reserved forms of government and values that are crucial to Japanese political life are emphasized by this dance's reliance on unity and repetition. There are so many different aspects of Japanese culture that this dance signifies, that it was truly fascinating to view.

The specific political cause that I am concerned about is the preservation of the nation state system. Lately, there have been several signs that this form of government will be replaced by private or global system of government, and I believe that art can significantly reduce the chances of this occurrence from taking place. I believe that dance could be used to propagate the preservation of this particular act of awareness by celebrating the cultural diversity that is intrinsic to the nation state system. Therefore, I envision a number of parades sweeping through major metropolitan areas -- Houston, New York, Long Beach, etc. -- in which representatives from several countries participate. I would encourage each representative to wear native dress, and also to play music that was indigenous to that particular country. While people paraded through these cities with their respective country's music blaring (and this could...


For instance, Japanese representatives could perform a variation of Bugaku, Indonesian people could perform the Bedoyo, and other representatives could dance their own dances.

A pivotal aspect of these parades would be to videotape them, so that they could be repeatedly broadcast through popular internet sites such as Youtube or Dailymotion. Also, it would be extremely beneficial to have various booths set up along the paths in which the parade travelled, so that people could eat food from the respective countries that they view in the parade. These booths could be used to promote a strong sense of nationalism. Despite the nationalist tendencies of this entire act of awareness, it is critical that the values of tolerance are expounded upon and practiced. The aim of these parades would be to actively promote diversity. It is only through the celebration of differences that people can truly learn to appreciate them.

Thus, this act of awareness would incorporate both traditional and unconventional measures. It would function primarily as a work of art with all of the different types of music, dances, and displaying of national colors and flags. However, it would also serve as a protest, somewhat, against the eradication of nation states. In that respect, it could reach people from a variety of angles.

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