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After several self-described "false starts," Danielle determined to become an educator. She returned to university study for a Masters in Education.

In the wake of her injury, Danielle recovered, learned to use a prosthetic arm, got married to Willie Byrd, and became an essential part of her local school system's athletics program all while continuing to keep athletics in her daily life.

Relatively recently, Danielle took up golf. "Since the injury, I've taken a liking to it, forces me to be patient. Golf, just like having one arm, forces you to be patient with yourself, don't put too much pressure on yourself, that's why I'm beginning to like the game," says Danielle. Her attitude toward life and her injury has changed dramatically as well, She says it's all about perseverance and rolling with the punches that life throws your way...Although I have a missing arm, I do feel more whole, it's like an inner peace. I feel good about life and what the future holds for me.." It was that attitude that helped her to become the head of the girls' cheerleading, pom, and double-dutch programs for the Chicago Public Schools system. From her current role, Danielle has the privilege of working with and inspiring hundreds of young girls each year that go through her highly competitive programs. "Danielle expects to complete her second masters degree in the summer of 2009. She says one day she aspires to be a school principal or dean.."

Beginning with a life of difficulty and personal pain, Danielle Green entered her military service with a forward eye, hoping for the best. What she got was the loss of an arm and an entirely new life. For Danielle, this new life has not been easy. She has had to recover physically and psychologically from the injury; she has had to learn how to function in the physical world again, and has had to re-define her sense of self. None of these are things that the ordinary person would think would be necessary in their life. They are the result of pain and trauma, of tragedy and the eventual triumph over all of them. What we learn from Danielle Green-Byrd is that success after tragedy is an individual journey, but it is something that can truly be achieved.

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