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Justice & Social Change

The author of this report has been exposed to several topics during the course of the current class. As explained in the parameters for this assignment, the author has discussed or read about organizational ethics, comparative ethics, the ethics of dissent, human rights, liberty, equity and equality. However, the topic of discussion for this report is justice. There is a lot of symbolism and imagery associated with justice including the statue of a blindfolded woman with a scale in her hand, among other things. The author will explain the meaning behind the symbolism. The author will also answer how the author's personal concept of justice influences the author's decisions as it relates to the ethical responsibilities of a


While being an ethical public administrator is often a straightforward task, there are some areas and situations that are less than easy to navigate.


When it comes to the symbolism associated with justice, the ideas being "spoken" through the imagery is not hard to figure out. For example, the blindfolded woman with the scale (Lady Justice) is supposed to represent the idea that justice is "blind" and that appearances, wealth, traits and so forth should have no bearing on the outcome of a legal case or justice-related situation. Other statues relating to justice could be those of Supreme Court justices, the Founding Fathers of this country and so forth. The imagery may sometimes be controversial depending on who the figure is or what situation is being depicted. Indeed, even Supreme Court cases over the course of American history have sometimes been controversial or even deemed flat-out wrong. Even so, the system generally corrects and updates itself over time and it is always evolving to some degree. Even Lady Justice is controversial to some because it is asserted by many that the "have nots" should have the scales tipped in their favor even when the law does not necessarily support that (Mitleman, 2002).

The personal ethics of the author of this report have also evolved and changed over time. Life experiences and events have a tendency to do that to a person. That being said, the ethics of a public administrator are based less on what an individual person may think is fair and more on the established ethics and standards that come with being a part of the public and agency sphere. For example, even…

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