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Depression and Diabetes

Effects of Depression and Diabetes on Patients

Depression is an illness involving the body, thinking ability and mood. It has adverse effects on the eating habits, feelings and even the affected experience sleeping difficulties. Most of the people affected include the middle age that undergo stressful endeavors including trouble adjusting to new working environments, maintaining relationships among others. Most of those affected, but are beyond the middle age get depressed due to many reasons, including the most common which is security fears. Security in this perspective includes wealth and family.

Diabetes, on the other hand, is a metabolic disorder whose symptoms include excessive discharge of urine and persistent thirst. According to Thesaurus (2011), it is mainly caused by insufficient production of insulin, leading to high glucose or sugar levels in the body. The disease is polygenic (genetically inherited). The most prone to this disease include those leading inactive lifestyles and the obese.

Mr. John Saxton had symptoms for both Depression and Diabetes. He was under depression due to
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the incapacity of having adequate sleep. He was always tired and fatigued, and he became less interested in his social practices, including the routine taking of wine. He became less interested and most of his activities became pointless, including allowing time with family. He lived and worked in the city but hardly visited his family (Butler & Hope, 2007, pg 286).

Potential outcomes

i) Depression

The potential outcome lies on the effects of depression. Mr. Saxton is likely to have problems with concentration, especially at his place of work. Working in a financial firm, financial issues are quite involving and demanding and deserve great attention. He will also be unable to make the right decisions, and frequent bad feelings will also affect him (Butler & hope, 2007, pg 286).

ii) Diabetes

With regards to his diabetic condition, the circumstance of Mr. Saxton could be contained if he took the right actions. He did not follow the doctor's prescription of the metformia drugs. This is a drug, inform of tablets that are orally taken to control the hyperglycemic condition, where the blood glucose levels are higher than…

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