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Detail Five-Year Plan for Career, Including Jobs You Want, How Leverage Education and How Prepare Yourself for This Path. Experience has taught me that despite one's best intentions sometimes the unexpected evolves. Taking this into consideration I gladly outline my five-year goals understanding that unexpected events or circumstances may change my path slightly, but ultimately not interfere with my primary purpose, which is to develop and manage my own company.

In the next five years I plan to acquire the professional skills and experience needed to start my own information-systems business in the global economic market. To facilitate this dream I intend on seeking employment with Wall Street in a position that will endow me with practical knowledge in product development within the international finance market. I plan to acquire a position that will teach me how to market products successfully so I can translate these skills into solid business practices and strategies when I start my own business. I also hope to gain networking experience and make contacts that will facilitate business success when I enter the corporate world. In the short-term I plan to sit for my CFA exam in 2006.

To prepare myself for this path I have taken many steps, including attending Mercer University in Atlanta Georgia. Here I received a B.B.A. In July, 2005 while minoring in Information Systems. Thus far the coursework I have completed was challenging and exciting. I managed to maintain a decent GPS while all the while learning to be self-sufficient. Thus far I have made choices that have provided me to gain interpersonal skills and learn to manage stress in a diverse and often chaotic environment.

During my employment with the multinational firm MeiDA Pharmacia, Inc., in Taipei, I performed many key functions that facilitated efficient business development. I worked in an environment that continually reminded me of the need for open ended business processes and acceptance of diversity in the workplace. Here I learned to manage multiple tasks and overcome the stress and chaos often associated with performing multiple job functions.

I expect that I will leverage work and school as efficiently as I have leveraged both in the past. My skills and ability to work quickly have enabled me thus far to climb the ladder of success in each of the positions I have acquired. My five-year goals include launching my own financial business that is competitive and successful in a global marketplace. I also aspire to become an innovative business leader gaining the respect of my peer, employees and competitors alike. I also intend through my business to proved jobs for equally talented and motivated individuals during the course of my career.

Throughout my life I have made choices that have enabled me to grow and improve both personally and professionally. I have become a productive member of the global economic community through my personal and professional experiences. My personal skills include speaking and writing in Mandarin and English with some language knowledge of Japanese and Taiwanese. To succeed in business for years to come I have developed ample presentation skills by managing multicultural group presentations. Thus far my experience has allowed me the opportunity to speak in groups ranging from two to seventy five people, delivering inspirations, persuasive and informative lectures.

My ability to leverage multiple tasks is also demonstrated by my experience at the Hilton Hotel Chinese Restaurant, where I was required to remember and repeated customer's names and preferences while providing personalized service and resolving customer complaints.

Part II -- Tell about time when you came up with innovative solution to challenge or problem.

During my term at Mercer University I was blessed with the opportunity to partake in a new business creative project for marketing promotion. As part of my research I was tasked with creating an innovative solution for HyperSpa, Inc., a corporation that offered a new skin rejuvenation process using high volume oxygen. During this time I was faced with multiple professional challenges which included creating a unique business plan, developing a SWOT analysis, creating a successful marketing mix, sales forecast and budget analysis for the oxygen company. As part of this process I helped HyperSpa establish themselves as the new standard for premium medical care at an affordable price in a state of the art facility. The HyperSpa facility is poised to make other hospitals and clinics look antique. The hard work and dedication that went into this project enabled HyperSpa to prepare for rapid expansion and ensure that people get better faster than ever before using innovative treatments that are...


The technology utilized by HyperSpa offered customers unique possibilities in a uniquely therapeutic environment. The challenge included developing a market plan that helped customers realize that HBOT could provide effective treatment for a variety of seemingly unrelated medical conditions. The goal of the project included helping doctors and insurance companies consider HBOT first when confronted with complex medical conditions, and for increasing knowledge among patients that might otherwise be too unwell to ask healthcare providers and insurers to consider HBOT as a premium or preferential form of treatment.
Fortunately through much hard work and dedication I was able to overcome these challenges to provide a plan of action that would enable HyperSpa to succeed in its mission, which was to delivery the utmost value to critically ill patients and their healthcare sponsors using state of the art technology.

I believe among other things it takes a strong leader to overcome all challenges and obstacles that present in any corporate environment. A leader is many things. Some people define a leader as a manger. I believe that a leader is much more. A leader must possess practical management skills. These skills include the ability to manage and direct staff, to perform complex budgeting tasks, to manage financial transactions and to ensure that corporate objectives are met through strategic business practices. While developing the business plan and strategy for HBOT I believe I experienced all of these key functions.

However a leader must also possess interpersonal skills. In fact in today's global marketplace where diverse populations are often required to work together in often chaotic environments, interpersonal skills are often more critical than technical skills. Interpersonal skills enable a leader to motivate employees and empower employees to achieve and realize not only corporate goals but also their own personal and professional goals. I believe by overcoming the challenges presented to my while performing my research with HyperSpa and through my personal experiences I have learned the interpersonal skills necessary to motivate and empower workers to achieve their best on a personal and professional level. I believe these skills will help me not only succeed at Boston, but in my future career and when I start my own business.

Part III -- Tell about one thing in personal or professional life, which you have passion for.

In both my personal and professional life I have a strong commitment and passion for my local community. I firmly believe that no member of society should avoid interacting with his or her immediate environment. It is this very environment that formed the foundation for our future life experiences, perceptions, drives and integrity. My passion includes assisting others in need. I feel as a global citizen I have an obligation to help individuals not only abroad but also those in my local community. My passion includes providing relief from natural disaster and working toward improving the environment, making a point to act as a steward for my community, making changes and assisting others whenever the opportunity arises.

My dedication to my local community is evidenced through my volunteer experience at Creation Social Welfare Foundation in Taipei Taiwan. It was here as a volunteer care provider that I played a key role in supporting a Taiwanese social organization that cares for impoverished patients in persistent vegetative state. These patients are cared for in a nursing home. I am a lifelong volunteer to this organization that provides personal hygiene, safety and home services to elderly patients and members. As part of my experienced here I learned vital leadership and managerial skills but also took away with me the importance of committing oneself to humanistic causes including the care of ones community members.

My experience reminded me that anyone at any moment in time may become vulnerable, and it is the responsibility of every member of society to contribute their time and efforts to the health and well being of their extended families, which include their community members. I plan as I continue to succeed and flourish in my own business endeavors to continue to give back to the community as much as possible, to remind myself that my success is as much the result of my participation as a community member as it is my personal drive and independent nature.

As a student at Boston University, I intend to expand my…

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