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¶ … Focus Groups / Analysis of Distinct Business Dilemmas

Disclosing Information

Disclosing Information Online

One has access to virtually everything, nowadays, on the World Wide Web, ranging from entertainment, financial and credit services to merchandise from all parts of the globe. Though one is afforded some degree of anonymity online, there are an increasing number of risks to an individual's personal information on the web. People should be made aware of these risks in order to minimize the likelihoods of online mishaps. Remaining vigilant while using the internet will help one protect one's PC, money, and personal information. Youngsters are quite susceptible to risks of sensitive information breach via the internet, since they put a lot of emphasis on developing their online personality on numerous websites that access personal information. Despite most youth being smart enough to establish...


Identity stealers have been known to hack into large government or company databases and steal the personal information of a large number of individuals at the same time. The problem, however, is that one will not be able to enjoy the Internet's benefits without disclosing at least some amount of personal information. Internet users can take care to ensure they are only sharing sensitive information with known, trusted websites. Without knowing to what use one's personal information will be put and what security precautions will be taken, one must not share it online; also, one must ensure information safety by frequently changing passwords (Reach out, 2015).

2. Motivation

Subject: Sharing Bad News

It is a challenge to be the bearer of bad news. The challenge is compounded when one isn't in agreement with the decision or message one is conveying. In particular, one must be aware of the dynamics of the decision, parties consulted, other alternatives discussed, and justification for the final decision. The manager who delivers bad news must take enough time to ensure that he/she understands the decision before carrying it forward. After communicating the message as well as any other related information, the manager must remain silent, allowing the information to be absorbed. People are inclined to talk excessively when they are uneasy; curbing this tendency, though difficult, is imperative, as remaining silent helps reinforce and drive home the message. Subsequently,…

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