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Another form of discrimination that is most evident in this scenario is age discrimination. Age discrimination has had a long history of being under litigated precisely because it is hard to monitor and to positively identify. However, it is a significant problem within the arena of business ethics because age plays a large role in the image of a resort. Managers believe that having young employees instills a sense of modernity to their establishment and therefore recruitment usually occurs for the young rather than the old. This discrimination could be occurring within the baderman island resorts precisely because it is pictured as a destination of relaxation and modernity. Golfing ranges and spas can ill afford to give the image of traditional and old-aged. However, ensuring that age is not a factor within the resort is one of the primary manager ethical concerns. In this case the quota system may not work because of the relative flexibility within occupations. However, a system should be enforced in which age discrimination can be both explicitly and implicitly eliminated.

National Origin may also be a discriminatory practice that is taking place within this resort. The reason that such discrimination can be occurring is because the locale of the resort is in Germany. Culturally speaking Germans favor racial homogeneity and national pride is rampant. As a result, a resort such as this, which is made to attract mostly internal customers, it is an important symbolism to recruit and employ only those of German ethnicity. This is very different from racial discrimination because racial discrimination entails something that is external, whereas national origin discrimination is much more subtle. This means that managers may recruit only individuals with certain adeptness in language, cultural custom, as well as mannerisms. As a result, those with differing cultural backgrounds, fluctuations in accents and such may be severely limited in their employment desirability. Managers have a legal responsibility to prevent discrimination against national origin, because a significant portion of German's populace is not natives. As a result, a similar system of either quota management or discrimination training must be implemented to prevent this from occurring.

Discrimination in many ways is a product of culture. This is no less true with the Baderman Island resorts; the most important recognizable factor is racial identity and cultural identity. An individual of any one culture is given to trust individuals of the same culture more often than others. This is an effect of being raised within a familiar and similar setting. Therefore discrimination cannot in many times be subtly removed because they are brought about by very deep ethnocentric upbringing and cultural inferences. It is important that we recognize this in the discussion of discrimination.

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