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Drinking Water

Have you ever forgotten to water your houseplants or garden? What do you notice? When you give the plants water, what do you see happening? Likely, within a few moments, you see the plant begin to perk up, to stretch, and to look healthier. Well, our bodies are similar in that water is an essential part of our daily intake -- every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies need water for proper function and it is important to drink enough fluids each day to remain hydrated (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012).

Water is very important to our bodies because it helps to do many things that keep our cells, joints, and blood flow working properly. For instance, water helps the body flush wastes through urination, perspiration and excretion. Without enough water, the body holds onto these toxins and buildup may lead to illness or discomfort (Salzman, 2012).

Water also helps cushion the joints, spinal cord, and other tissues. The body is made up of about 60% water and our brains are about 75% water. These fluids act in tandem with our cell structures to provide the proper cushioning and elasticity for many joints, as well as to ensure the appropriate levels of electrical conductivity in the brain (United States Department of the Interior, 2013).

Water is also essential to help digest food and control body temperature. Every day, humans must replace about ae of a gallon of fluid in order to remain healthy. Water dissolves a number of substances so that cells can use nutrients, minerals and chemicals. It is water's "stickiness" resulting from surface tension that allows it to help our bodies transport materials through cells. For example, carbohydrates and complex proteins that our bodies use as food are only metabolized because of the water balance in our system (CDC).

During most of the year, humans can drink enough fluids to remain hydrated. However, in warmer climates, when one is physically very active, when one has a fever, or when one is ill with vomiting or diarrhea it is important to drink even more water. The key is to drink fluid when performing the activity (running, sports, even hiking) and…

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