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Findings from several research studies show that when computer software and classroom manipulatives were compared, "the computer software was found to be the more effective means of skill building in young children" (Hitchcock and Noonan, 2000). The key, it appears, is the judicious use of technology and the timeframe in which computers are used. Computer software can be used as a learning tool, but disguised as a game. Further research found that computers are motivating and promote teacher-student interaction, which allows the teacher to encourage, prompt, and point to display items. While more research is clearly needed, the computer can be programmed to meet individual learning needs and to adapt regular curriculum issues in a more robust manner (Spencer and Baskin, 1997).

Part 4 -- The literature shows us that there are five major ways in which computers enhance learning in early childhood education:

Enhancing Learning -- There is a positive link between children's development, teaching practices, and the use of computers in the early childhood education classroom.

Young Children and Technology -- Technology changes so fast and children are exposed to it at home, on television, and in the popular media to the point that it is part of their life and culture from infanthood on.

Early Literacy -- Work processors, voice synthesizers, and other tools help encourage and enhance literacy for the preschooler.

Learning with Computers -- Resources are now available that allow the entire curriculum to be supported through computer and technology use (Cesarone, 2000).


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