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Community colleges are well suited to provide many of these basic courses, both for students who will later leave for a larger college and those who attend community college for other reasons.

When it comes to who decides what courses should be offered at the community college, college administrators and teachers are better suited than students in the matter. Educators and administrators have a greater view of what students need to succeed in a job and at other schools. They are more likely to understand the trends within certain fields. Additionally, as advisors and educators, they have a responsibility to turn out graduates who are able to successfully find jobs based on their skills. While students may feel like they understand what they are doing and where they are going, many students simply do not have the perspective needed to guide their own educations.

While community colleges must offer courses of study that are of some interest to students, they should not feel pressured by student and community demand to provide substandard education. They should offer clear coursework that cohesively fits with what employers and other schools will expect from community college graduates. In other words, community colleges should focus more on pre-professional training than on the liberal arts, other than in areas of basic need like writing. Since students pay to further their education, they should be able to recognize the benefits that actual job and degree training -- even the uninteresting parts -- offer them. Students who want to learn about subjects that do not fit into the community college repertoire can find other outlets for their interests.

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