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In order to reach this objective I thoroughly analyzed the market, the activity of other competitors, but also the needs and preferences of customers. I developed a series of studies and surveys among these customers in order to determine their satisfaction level and the products and services they consider the spa should include in its offer. I think that the success of this spa reflects my interest, determination, and abilities regarding my intention of attending this MBA program and developing a career in a management consulting company.

The short-term goals I want to reach on professional level refer to improving my business administration education in order to be able to develop better managerial abilities and knowledge. I currently own a spa and its success on the market determines me to pursue a managerial career. As a short-term goal I hope that this program will help me develop strategies that can increase the number of customers of the spa, leading to increased sales volume. In addition to this, I expect this MBA program to help me better understand the world of business and business development. In other words, I want to be able to observe opportunities, to identify developing markets, and to determine the business potential of certain activities that are not much addressed by other companies.

The long-term goals that I want to reach by completing this MBA program are represented by working for a consulting firm, gaining strong experience in this field, and maybe opening my own consulting firm if I will consider that this is suitable for me. I am really interested in developing a career in the field of management consulting, and I am interested in practicing this job on international level.

This MBA program is quite important, because it can provide the solid knowledge base that it is required in order to provide successful performance in the consulting activity. The fact that this program focuses on several groups of disciplines, like business management, finance management, human resources, logistics, and the international business environment is very helpful in forming students that...


I am usually I very determined person one I set my objectives, and I am even more determined when it comes to developing a career in management consulting. In addition to this I think I have developed a strong sense of responsibility. I achieved this by coming from Iran and struggling with the life in the U.S. I learned what it means to be responsible for a business, for the safety of customers, and for the salaries of employees by managing the spa I own.

Another characteristic that I consider of great importance is represented by my strong communication skills. I have developed such skills in my family, with my friends, and at school. The relationship I have with the customers of the spa reflects these communication skills. I also have strong interpersonal skills. I think that such skills are very important in developing a successful career in the business field. I find it easy to socialize with other people, and this helps me improve relationships with business partners and with employees. In addition to this, I have strong ambition that can help reach my objectives and make me a great asset for the consulting company I want to work with.

The international experiences I had so far refer to business, pleasure, and study. I have studied in Iran and in the U.S. My international business experiences are represented by relationships with business partners of my spa. In order to improve the products and services I provide customers at the spa, I focused on certain information and knowledge exchange with several spa owners in European countries. By this I tried to determine what spas in other countries have in order to create competitive advantage. The international pleasure experiences refer to travelling in certain European countries. Therefore, I think that these experiences reveal my interest in this program that can help me develop the knowledge I require in order to work in a consulting company and to help me increase my efficiency and productivity.

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