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Anti-Cancer Drug Anaerobin


Cytotoxic metabolites are created when bio-reductive drugs go through a metabolic process because they contribute to curing cancer by lowering oxygen to areas where the cancer affects the body. The local auto regulation process of the body provides the oxygen to all parts of the body where it is needed. The arterioles supplying that tissue for oxygen dilate to supply more oxygen than usual. This happens also in the case of the tumor when it demands more oxygen; it is supplied by the body and anaerobin affects the auto regulation process in all areas as it reduces the blood flow to all organs, except the lungs. It can reduce the oxygen and supply of nutrients to the tumor by up to 99%. Therefore this bio-reductive drug can help in treatment of cancer in modern therapy.

Anti-cancer drugs reduce the cell growth of the cancerous cells. They affect the cancer cells which rapidly divide themselves up to spread fast throughout the body. However, they are not selective and affect other cells in the organ. It can affect the brain, heart and the kidneys this way. It may also affect the immune system by destroying or harming cells which fight infection in the body, such as blood cells, which allow clotting and carry oxygen to every corner of the body. Every part of the body needs oxygen and lack of it will hamper the functioning of the organs. The brain needs oxygen for proper orientation and if it doesn't receive that oxygen, patients may act disoriented, acting dysfunctional and forgetful, maybe even experiencing dementia. And since their blood cells are affected the are more likely to contract infections as well and may get hurt easily, bleeding and bruising is more likely to occur. Or they may feel fatigued most of the time.

Chemotherapy usually results in anemia which is due to lack of erythropoietin secreted in the body by the kidneys which helps to increase the red blood cells in the body by acting on the bone marrow. However the hormone can be injected into the body after the chemotherapy is over, or during to counter the one of the side effects of chemotherapy. However, if the kidneys themselves are affected by the anaerobin, they will function sluggishly and not do the actual job required to remove toxins and waste from the body and also to produce Erythropoietin to increase the blood count. People will have to refer to dialysis, to have their blood cleansed. Even clean blood doesn't counter the effect of lack of red blood cells. Low levels of oxygen will actually reduce the blood flow to the kidneys, which causes the side effects. The kidney's function of regulating the body's blood pressure will also be affected by inhibiting the production of retin. It will also affect the reabsorption of sodium ions by the kidneys so water uptake by kidneys is reduced along with the sodium uptake. You can experience pain or burning in urination, difficulty in urinating, urination urgency, reddish or bloody urine, fever and chills. (Benjamin Wedro, 2011)

Also, as waste builds in the build, appetite may drop, and fatigue becomes imminent. Also even though the lungs try to counter this increasing acidity in the body, this fluid may deposit on the heart and cause congestive heart failure. This means that the function of the heart as a pump that pumps blood throughout the body is weakened. Either because the tissue of the heart gets weak or the body demands too much rich blood to counter the effects of the tumor, that the gap between what the body needs and what the heart can pump is great. (Benjamin Wedro, 2011)

The heart is the most important organ of the body. It essentially works as a pump, with about the size of the human fist, and it pumps 72 times per minute with a resting time of about 4/10ths of a second. Its cycle is called the Cardiac cycle and is essentially for the functioning of different parts of the body as it carries oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and pumps deoxygenated blood out of the body and the bloodstream through the lungs. Since anaerobin doesn't affect the oxygen levels in the lungs, the deoxygenating process won't be affected, however since it does affect the heart, the weaker heart tissue will serve as an inefficient pump for the body and will become sluggish in its process of pumping in and out the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.

Therefore, it will pump less rich blood to the rest of the body and in this way; it will affect the quality of work by our body system. The cardiac output would reduce considerably.

The brain is our basic center for making all decisions that start and end our day and even during our sleep. The cerebrum and cerebellum are related to all the decision making neurons associated with all the senses, and reasoning and coordination and regulation of movement. The limbic system controls the emotional aspects of the body and the brain stem performs vital functions such as breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat. The brain extends nerves which reach throughout the body. And since it is related to the heart, the effects on the heart and brain will correlate. So lack of oxygen will destroy tissues of the brain as well and effect their functioning.

The senses will perform sluggishly, memory can become poor and in extreme cases, dementia can occur. Reasoning skills along with motor skills can be affected. Since fatigue has plagued our body and it doesn't function as well as it does, a hampered brain will further aggravate that situation. Since it provides the vital functions for living, it is essential that it working in good order, otherwise our body will suffer tremendously. (Brain structures and function, Serendip)


It's important to treat cancer because according to the American Cancer Society, it is the second common cause of death in the States after heart disease. And it doesn't only affect the person diagnosed with it, but also their families and relatives since it is such a grave disease. (Linda Bren, 2007)

A drug is considered safe if the benefits outweigh the costs. And all drugs have side effects. But if they allow the patient to live longer and possibly cure the tumor, or make it shrink (response rate), or even if it relieves the symptoms of the cancer and its side effects are less graver than the side effects of the cancer. (Linda Bren, 2007)

Also the costs of drugs have increased, so people will question the drug if they are unsure of it. Previously people relied completely on the doctor for greater knowledge reasons, or because it was comforting. But as costs for the cure increase, people might not prefer drugs as they feel death is inevitable.

To counter this doubt, more clinical trials need to be conducted for anaerobin's effects on the body and its functions and whether it alleviates the symptoms of the cancer more or aggravates it. Also, which particular areas it affects apart from the brain, kidney, lungs and heart. And since it's an experimental drug, there isn't much information about it available. So it needs to be made available to people whether it depends from person to person, or the effects are generalizable. A great deal of research also needs to be done on the drugs that could be used to cure the side effects of anaerobin such as anemia, sluggish functioning, reasoning, motor functions, building of waste in the body etc.

And whether these drugs will counter the side effects effectively so that they outweigh the injuries of cancer, and don't actually prove to be lethal and more fatiguing for the body.

Also, and experiment on rats showed that it does actually works on treating the cancer however according to Professor Klaus Weilebaum, experimental animals who are subjected to anaerobin are sluggish and they show symptoms of damage to the kidney. This could be true, however the animal trials have certain flaws since the anatomy of the animal and the human being are very different such as the fact that most of the brains of animals comprise mostly of the brain stem. The emotional component is less in animals than humans and their brain mostly focuses on the functioning the vital functions of the body. So the effects could be very different for humans and animals. And clinical trials on human beings that will potentially harm them, has ethical issues attached to that, so informed consent should be obtained and trials should be conducted on humans to find out more about the drug.

Also, it's difficult to conduct trials on children as few patients get enrolled for the trials even though drugs could possibly ensure them to live longer and since they are younger, they can recover faster. (Linda Bren,…

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