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¶ … children's story book subject teaching English picture books EFL I write carol moore story (Ollie's jar, kitty a box ) write's important story children learn drawing story color attractive children, writer means children's understand, disadvantage, children study English native, short texts.

Carol Moore's story "Ollie's Jar" discusses with regard to an eel named Ollie that lives in a jar in the sea. While the story might seem pointless and uninteresting from the perspective of a fluent English speaker, it can be especially effective in providing children with a better understanding of the language. Beginning English speakers are more probable to learn something from the story and to generally get a better grasp of the language.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the story involve the words "over," "under," "through," "around," and "into." These respective terms provide readers with the ability to observe how each of these words describes a concept they are familiarized with. The idea of a home is also a central element in the story, taking into account that it enables readers to comprehend what the word means and different ways they can address it.

In many cases individuals are likely to learn faster if they receive assistance from someone who is experienced in speaking the language and who can introduce...


"Ollie's Jar" practically provides readers with the ability to get actively involved in using decoding information. Under guidance, children are more probable to learn decoding techniques and to master them with the purpose to translate information they are coming across.

Young children in general, regardless of whether they are native English speakers or not, are probable to benefit a great deal as a consequence of having access to mediums containing essential tools they can use in order to learn much faster and more effectively in general.

There is much controversy with regard to online-identity in the contemporary society, as while some people consider that everyone should use their full identities while in online environments, others believe that it is in everyone's best interest if certain aspects of their identity are hidden. Most people are likely to agree that it would be perfectly normal for everyone to use their true identity while surfing the web. However, when considering particular situations, the question of whether or not people should do this falls into a more complex discussion -- one involving…

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