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Enlarging the Pool: How Higher Education Partnerships are Recruiting and Supporting Special Educators from Underrepresented Groups" discusses various strategies that educators can adopt to bolster recruitment of minority special educators. This need is even more vital, considering the fact that an estimated 40% of American public school students are not Caucasian. In comparison, only 12% of teachers are from racial and ethnic minorities.

There is thus a strong need to "enlarge the pool" of qualified minority special educators. Numerous strategies have been culled from the multiple strategies adopted in successful school districts. One strategy suggests the development of a "grow-your-own" program, a strategy which works well in rural and sparsely-populated areas. Recruitment begins early, with paraprofessionals and clerical support staff who are already working in minority school districts. By giving people who are already in the school districts the requisite training, the grow-your-own program can take advantage of the diversity and bilingual language skills that already exist among the residents of the area.

The second strategy calls for the development of "Teacher Cadet Programs" in school districts with a diverse population. Aimed at high-school students, these programs inspire students early on with the rewards of working with disabled children. Similarly, the third suggestion calls for after-school clubs and activities for K-12 students. These after-school activities could include assisting special education teachers and helping students get to know their disabled peers.

The fourth strategy takes advantage of "career night" or college recruitment activities that many K-12 schools already have in place. The article suggests adding special information segments regarding special education preparation, particularly in school districts with high minority populations. The fifth strategy aims to help…

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