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Ethics in Practicing Nursing

Nursing ethics is an important part of treating patients. It is important for nurses to understand and abide by the nursing ethical code of conduct. The Health Information Privacy Act (HIPAA) protects the patients' rights, and it protects their privacy. Health care professionals must adhere to the rules of HIPAA to ensure the rights of patients are not violated and their privacy is protected. In this paper I will discuss some strategies that can be employed to help nurses stay current in their practices. I will also discuss ethical practices in nursing, including confidentiality and privacy.

According to Silva & Ludwick (2006) ethics is one of the most important issues in nursing. Nurses should consider their ethical responsibilities when working with each patient in every aspect of practice. The fundamentals for practicing nursing are their social responsibility, their


Nurses should share best practices, discuss ways to help increase higher ethical standards. Nurses, head nurses and others in charge should reward those with high ethical standards.

Patient's confidentiality and privacy is extremely important. With the help of HIPAA regulations, this is an important issue in the health care field. Maintaining patient on computers and transmitting them electronically will help to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Requiring passwords and ensuring computers are locked is important. Ensuring that patient records are not left any place where they can be seen by others or stolen. Ensuring that records are only released to authorized parties. The Nightingale Pledge, the code for nurses stated by the American Nurses Association (ANA) Ethics Committee, and the American Medical Association (AMA) all require nurses to keep the patients information and care confidential and private (Erickson & Millar, 2005).

Nurses should maintain their knowledge and stay current with any new information pertaining to nursing and ethics. Hospitals have…

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