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Code of Ethics Development

Description: Begin by preparing a code of ethics for a fictional company, which should include a minimum of 10 elements. Once you have compiled the code of ethics, respond to the following questions: 1. Why did you include each of the 10 elements? 2. Why is a code of ethics an important part of every business from an employer standpoint? 3. Why is a code of ethics an important part of every business from an employee standpoint? 4. Once you have written the code of ethics, how would you implement it to ensure compliance? Your completed assignment must be a minimum of three pages (One page for the code of ethics and two pages for question responses).

Code of Ethics

Transparency -- the company will make every effort to be transparent to all stakeholders, including employees and partners

Diversity -- the company will go far beyond compliance and actively facilitate a culture that values diversity of every kind.

Tolerance --...


Performance-based compensation -- employees will be rewarded for taking the extra effort and going above and beyond the minimum requirements that are set in the employment contract

5. Community Development -- our company will promote community development by providing incentives for our employees to volunteer for local causes.

6. Continuing Education -- our company will provide funding for our employees to continue pursing educational training.

7. Environmental Stewardship -- our company will minimize our environmental footprint at every opportunity.

8. Ethical sourcing -- every effort will be made to ensure that our supply chain maintains the ethical treatment of workers in international locations.

9. Career Development -- our company will be devoted to helping our employees reach their fullest potential.

10. Charity -- our company will devote a portion of its profits to various non-profit organizations in which our employees recommend.


Each of the elements in the Code of Ethics were chosen for various reasons. The first ethical principle was transparency which has implications on many levels within the organizations as well as with external stakeholders. For example, such issues that can occur, such as any conflicts of interest, should be made transparent immediately and transparent accounting procedures can also make the company more immune to potential scandals that have plagued many organizations in recent years.

Diversity and tolerance are related concepts; however, they have distinct differences…

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