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¶ … evidence information discovering literature support project?

What evidence or information are you discovering in the literature to support the project?

My project design is focused upon the need for continuing education courses for CLC nurses on heart rhythm interpretations. Incorrect rhythm interpretations can have severe negative consequences for patients so achieving accuracy is essential. My first, foundational support for the project was based upon previous research which indicated that a flashcard review of rhythm strips, and just-in-time training could improve the performance of new and well-seasoned nurses who are still having difficulty on rhythm interpretations. My research is also based upon observations at my own hospital, which currently has no competency standards for staff to complete to show they are competent in interpreting rhythms nor a continuing education program. The hope is to develop a competencies for the staff on which they will be tested in conjunction with such a program. First and foremost, this is based upon the premise that experience alone is not enough to educate nurses. Nurses must be continually informed about changes in medicine based upon new technology and evidence-based research. Secondly, it is supported by the need to reduce...


However, "there is evidence that continuing education can improve knowledge base and skill level, can change behaviors and attitudes, and improve clinical outcomes" (Witt 2011: 227). Obviously, many factors can impact the apparent success of a continuing education program for nurses, including the motivation of individual nurses, motivation of the staff, and the quality of the program. The goal of the research is to create a program that is effective yet feasible given the organization's budget.

Taking a compare and contrast design (i.e., measuring the performance pre -- and post-test) is one way to assess the success of such a program. The problem is, it is difficult to determine if the program is the 'most effective' design to treat learning and knowledge deficits. An intervention may be better than no intervention at all but it may not be the most efficient use of organizational resources. Another method to test success is to compare the results of a control and experimental group pre and post-test. Finding equivalent groups can be challenging, however, so there is no universally accepted 'perfect'…

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