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Another reason is to be sought in the people's desire for freedom of expression. Fifty and even 40 years ago the standards according to which society judged the individual and labeled him were a lot more severe than nowadays. Revolutions have taken place through important modifications in people's mentality. They have also been supported by the technological developments and the various discoveries, ranging from the fertility pill to the automobiles or the possibility to undergo sex change operations. Today most people have the impression that they are the rulers of their own world and that they want to be able to say anything they wish in whatever circumstance without having to "pay" for it.

However, looking at what happens in the media, it is safe to say that various contradictions exist. Pornography has become part of the mainstream culture, all the media are trying to impose beauty ideals and life styles in which sex and physical appeal are key factors. Artists such as Lady Gaga or Rihanna have achieved universal popularity through their provocative image and attitude with a very strong sexual appeal. The more provocative you are, the more people appreciate you. However, when Janet Jackson's nipple accidentally came out during a dance routine an entire scandal broke loose. There seems that double standards exist. Why is this so?

The answer may be found in the contradiction between the declared values of the people and the real ones. Showing a nipple, even by accident is considered indecent, yet the porn industry is the most prolific in the world. There is a lot of hypocrisy, but not only that. The lack of education and the lack of respect for the fellowmen are other factors which contribute to the existing situation. How else can one explain cases such as the one in which words are beeped over when everyone knows exactly what these words are? If people hated this type of language, then they would not tolerate it, not even when the "beep" method is used. The audience would sanction the people who use inappropriate language. Instead, the figures of television and the radio benefit from an aura of superiority, in the sense of omnipotence and omniscience (if he is there, then he must know what he is talking about- then I should accept what he says and behave like he does). A better education for the masses- focused on solid values and principles would be a means through which these double standards could be eliminated.

It is safe to say that there is a close relation between sexuality and morality. Sex has always been a tabu and people have always done more than they declared to have been doing. This happened because they were afraid of being judged by the others and rejected. The truth is that people have the need to aggregate, to be accepted by social groups. Belonging to a social group creates a feeling of safety and also contributes to the creation of the personal identity.

Religion plays an important part in this process. Some might argue that the religious principles are less important than the institution of the church. This is true when one thinks that even the people of the church advise people to behave in a certain manner, but fail to apply those principles themselves. The church can not and will never accept things such as homosexuality or change of sex. Society however may accept these things, hence the contradiction. The permissiveness of society or of social groups may become larger in time, while that of the church does not.

A relevant example in this regard is represented by homosexuality. Homoerotic scenes were completely unacceptable during the previous generations. Now the number of homosexuals (and lesbians), declared and not is a lot bigger than the one which existed 50 years ago. Their fight for the freedom of self-expression has pushed the limits of decency in this regard. The philosophical speech having freedom at its core is very complex, especially when being connected with that of individual happiness. People adopt values and behaviors in accordance with their beliefs regarding their happiness and the means through which they can achieve it. It is in the area of these values that one ought to search if he wishes to understand the profound mechanisms of censorship…

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