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Brief Summary of a Company: Exxon Mobil Corporation

The company selected for conducting financial analysis is Exxon Mobil, a multinational gas and oil company. The firm is based in the United States and has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. The method used to analyze Exxon Mobils financial health is financial ratios while considering the companys operating efficiency, profitability, solvency, and liquidity (Reuben, 2018). These aspects provided a clear picture of its financial status, thereby what its financial future looks like. The results were obtained as follows. The company has, over the years, landed massive figures that have beat projections by financial analysts. As of 2021, Exxon Mobil had an operating cash flow of about 9.3 billion US dollars and reduced its debt by about four billion US dollars. The company has also kept its 2021 spending within the projected values, between 16 billion and 19 billion US dollars. The firm has also solidified its balance sheet by lowering debt. The company is also committed to making investments that will further sustain its financial health and help it achieve its goals. This will be done by taking advantage of opportunities and projects to promote its growth.

From the financial analysis done on the…to promote its growth plan. Coupling this with a favorable business environment should help to increase the companys cash flow and support its earnings.

Moreover, its net cash flow is still projected to increase as the company grows its net sales annually. Looking at the billions of dollars required for the companys operations, the company is not expected to have any challenges with obtaining financing for the same. The recommendations made for the company included implementing strategies that would help to reduce the debt and also make investments in promising projects that would help to increase its profitability and prevent bankruptcy in…

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Reuben, A. (2018). The Wall Street MBA: Your Personal Crash Course in Corporate Finance.

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