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The author of this report is to answer several questions about counseling, family systems and overall development. First off, the linkage and relationship between family systems and healthy development will be explored. What defines a healthy family system will be explained. The determining factors of a healthy family system will be listed off. The effects of an unhealthy family system or development structure will be covered. Lastly, there will be details of family systems and how they affect physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development. While some people with borderline or even dysfunctional family systems find a way to live a fruitful and fulfilling life, the outcomes for people from bad family systems usually substandard to abysmal on some level or another.


A huge part, although certainly not the only part, of developing into an adult that is balanced, properly socialized and otherwise competent is having a family system that is not dysfunctional and that provides the needed and proper structure. Have a family system that is lacking in one or more of the applicable dimensions can lead to a stunting...


There are several main parts to a family system that is healthy and productive in nature. Those dimensions include good structure, good habits and the needed support from both within the family and outside of it. As far as structure goes, there needs to be a predictability and routine to life in terms of where one lives, how they life and why they behave in such a way. A child that is constantly being moved and shuttled from one house to another or is not required, and in a non-violent way, to conform to a structure that builds good habits and outcomes is going to end up on the shorter end of the stick as compared to someone that does grow up around such structure and predictability. As for support, the immediately nuclear family is a huge part, and certainly the largest part, of the structure, socialization and habits a person learns and keeps over the years of their childhood and beyond. However, having a good extended family, good school teachers and other people and even people at church and such is important to a child's long-term being because it sets the tone for their early adult life (massively) and, to a lesser extent, their later life. While people can adjust and change their ways and patterns as they get older, it is extremely hard to change things once the proverbial die is cast (Teixeira de Melo & Alaraco, 2014)

An unhealthy family system leads to a lack of good structure, a lack of good habits and this leads to self-destructive or at least self-inhibiting behaviors when one becomes an adult. Being socially stunted,…

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