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Crew, for example. J. Crew's focus on clean, classic lines that can last forever has been one of the few success strategies in the new emphasis on low, low pricing. Even before the Obamas wore J. Crew to their inauguration, "Compared with most retailers, the company has stayed strong since the economic downturn began," although its sales have dipped 6% -- still better than the industry average (Gregory 2009).

But, not all brands have heard the call to slash prices. Retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, a 'high end' mall store, has bucked the trends of American Eagle and the Gap, stressing that cutting prices could cheapen its luxury brand image (McDevitt 2009). Yet most industry forecasters doubt that the impact of the recession will end anytime soon -- most predict that things will not...


And even then, formerly carefree consumers may think twice before slapping down a piece of plastic for a $58 scarf at A&F.

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