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What one picks from the environment at a younger age can help shape her future life and way of thinking and making judgments. Much of the environment has been shaped by the peers, role models in the society and to a larger extend media has a role in providing information.

The media portray images considered fashionable and the females who do not have the portrayed looks are usually dissatisfied with their own images which brings discomfort in them and as a result it contributes to the usage of certain drugs and chemical products among the adolescents in trying to improve their images and feel accepted among their peers which have several side effects in the long run (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2005).

The young females may engage in certain behaviors which are being portrayed by the media which changes their personal life and goals. The increased access to a variety of information shapes the way of thinking among the female adolescents, they are eager to learn and know more about the issues around them and internet has been the main source of some of this information which can be disastrous if not well advised. It is at this stage of adolescence when the females are sexually active and the pressure to fit into a certain group might lead them into riskier sexual activities that might result into the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and sometimes bad sexual orientation experiences which can affect ones personal life due to the trauma that is associated with such encounters. It also affects the way one perceives the opposite sex as these bad encounters may adversely affect ones opinion about people of different sex which affects the way they relate in personal life or in a professional setting (Uttara Manohar, 2012).

During adolescence, the changes are enormous and certain conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which is a common situation among the children and also affects the teenagers during the adolescent stage. Issues that are related to this condition include lack of attention which shifts their focus to the important matters at hand. They tend to focus on unimportant matters which may affect their general performance in class and other extracurricular activities which might result into rejection by the peers or resulting into bad relationships.

These conditions can be dormant during childhood but strengthens during teenage causing mood disorders as the body undergoes the hormonal changes. If not well treated it can affect ones personal life as ones behavior and judgment is adversely affected making the affected individual to engage in risky activities such as usage of drugs which can affect their lives completely (WebMD, 2005).

It is important therefore for the parents to identify some of these concepts and internalize them so as to help their female children prepare for these changes so that they grow as good members of the society and accept their bodies the way they are. Lack of attention by the parents due to other engagements has been the contributing factor of most of these teenage problems as the teenage girls are left to seek advices from other sources which can be misinforming. Proper guidance should be given to the female child as they grow so that these sudden changes in the body do not get them by surprise. It is also important that the environment in which the children are exposed to should be conducive for their development, as they interact with the environment they pick certain behaviors which shape what they become of in the future. The good behaviors can impact their lives positively while the negative behaviors can adversely affect their own personal lives.


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