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Fire Department Functions

The fire department is one of many emergency response divisions that are critical to protecting communities. The fire department is called to respond to or to serve as support for emergencies like wildland and structure fires, floods, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, and medical aids. (Cal Fire, N.d.). However, there roles in the community go far beyond just emergency response and they also play a proactive role in preventative measures. Prevention can include anything from education and outreach to enforcing building codes and fire safety plans. This paper will briefly introduce different ways that the fire department integrates within a community.

The fire department must work with local government and local officials regularly to coordinate efforts on many fronts. Fire departments are generally reliant upon the local governments as a source of funding and this relationship...


However, this relationship also includes prevention measures such as creating and enforcing certain building codes and fire safety planning that are relevant to that community's specific needs and risks. The fire department can also play a role in planning for growth and development and integrating fire safety in these important community functions (FEMA, 2012). .

The fire department can also serve a community by playing a vital role in emergency medical response. Most fire departments provide advanced life support (ALS) services and can generally respond quickly to emergency medical incidents. They respond to emergencies in people's homes and on the road among others and have tools and equipment that allow them to provide services that regular medical services are unequipped for.

The fire department also depends on the support of the community and other organizations to function effectively. For example, the fire department might be dependent on the police department to secure an area so that the fire department can do their work and the safety of citizens is also protected. In a national emergency the fire department might be dependent on FEMA or other organizations to serve the central coordination and dispatch role. These relationships are especially important in emergency situations and fire departments will often coordinate their preparation efforts beforehand as well.

The fire department can also play an important role in an administrative function in a community. Fire safety codes and planning for fire emergencies is a function of the fire department that ensures that certain risks are…

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