Fire Fighting Event Case Study

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What factors/operations contributed to this incident?

Several factors and operations contributed to the incident resulting in a deceased and inured firefighter. The initial response was according to standard procedure, and was admirably fast and well attended by District Major 204, Engine 11, Engine 6, Emergency Medical Service EC6, and Aerial 4. The presence of a multifaceted team should have provided the diversity of services and resources needed to control the fire in a way that reduced the likelihood of unnecessary or preventable injury. Moreover, the District Major was the first on the scene and had the capacity to respond in a way consistent with leadership protocols. The District Major was correct to first interact with civilians to find out if there were people inside the dwelling.

However, there are several core elements that bear noting. One is the equipment failure on Engine 11, in which the pressure relief valve was sticking and could not sustain adequate water pressure. Second was the unauthorized entry on the part of the first firefighter who attempted to open the front door and then kicked it down; what ensued thereafter was too chaotic. The District Major was aiding the team on Engine 11 instead of overseeing the team of firefighters and ensuring their safety and that all safety procedures were being followed. There is no structure had been compromised, and they had already knocked down part of the ceiling. Eight minutes had already elapsed before the District Major or anyone else noticed the two firefighters were missing -- meaning valuable moments of time that could have been used to prevent their injuries. Although the rescue efforts did save the one firefighter, the other perished needlessly due to a lack of control over operations. Finally, the injured firefighter had activated his personal alert safety system (PASS) device but it could not be heard over the noise of the engines, pumps, and PPV fans.

As the safety and health program manager, what recommendations would you make in order to prevent similar incidents?

The first recommendation would be to improve the overall integrity of the firefighting and safety equipment. For example the pressure release system on Engine 11 should not have malfunctioned. Regular maintenance of and monitoring equipment might have prevented this problem. Likewise, the PASS system should not rely on auditory signals, which will commonly be drowned out in the midst of a crisis. There…

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