First 15 Years Of The NINR: Review Of Accomplishments Research Paper

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Nursing Research

What is the key point or concept that emerged from the activity? Why is that important to you and why is it important to nursing?

One key point in this paper is that while much has been accomplished in the field of nursing research, much remains to be done. Reading through the introductions of the people who were pivotal in the development of nursing research institutions -- and the recollections from the speakers about how the struggles were all worthwhile -- was educational background and interesting. But what really jumped off the page at me -- and are important to me and to the future of nursing -- were several passages on the last page of this document.

All the talk related to the value and history of research notwithstanding, these points stand out: a) research outcomes must be linked to actual nursing care and to health trends nationwide; b) all the citizens of the world will...


By partnering with other institutions and putting visionary people in place, the organization was able to grow and gain creditability. Moreover, I understand how it came to pass that initiatives like end-of-life, self-management of chronic illnesses, and caregiving were put under the microscope of research initiatives. These key areas of study were furthered because the NINR placed nurse scientists on panels, in workshops, and at other strategic event, to give these nurse scientists visibility and to give them the opportunity to learn outside the traditional academic venues.

I understand the depth and breadth of the NINR agenda for studying chronic illness, self-management, and I understand the importance of nurses fully becoming conversant…

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