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Hybrid Gangs in South Florida On Public Policy towards Volatile Movements

South Florida has an increasing prevalence of criminal gangs in their communities and it is posing a growing threat to their security and safety. It is clear that in that region criminal hybrid gangs are spreading violence and fear in their neighborhoods making places like their parks unusable, and even bringing corrupt behavior passages to work and school, stopping legitimate businesses consisting of tourism, and bringing down property values. Right now, there are more hybrid gangs in Florida than ever before, with approximately 400 in South Florida alone, as stated by the latest state study. Hybrid gangs are not a new threat, nevertheless the most recent state study displays the problem is getting worse especially in South Florida. In 1991, there were 160 gangs in the south Florida region, but by 2007 the number jumped to beyond 1,500 with more than 65,000 associates or acquaintances, which is crudely the population of the south Florida area. Nevertheless the gangs are still involved with things such as the burglaries, drugs and car thefts not to mention that sometimes those crimes do turn into some kind of violence, and authorities have mentioned this many times regarding the south Florida area. Many in the region are very aware that it is too hard to figure out how much money law enforcement spends trying to put an end to all of the fighting gangs, but the Department of Corrections made the point that members cost tax payers beyond $132 million each year to just lock them up. With that said, the problem of gangs in South Florida is becoming a huge deal.

II. Factors Bearing on the Problem



People are looking the other way when it comes to the problem of hybrid gangs. In spite of evidence of gang crime and violence throughout south Florida, communities are denying the obvious gang presence that is going on in their neighborhoods. Many people in the regions are afraid to talk about the growing hybrid gangs. It appears to be easier for them if they just look the other way hoping the problem will take care of itself. The sad part about that theory is that it is not taking care of itself, but indeed growing by the minute. Many citizens are just reluctant to admit that there is a hybrid gang problem because of fear. Some of those in the communities believe that as long as it does not come in their neighborhood, then it is their problem. However, denying the problem is not working because all it does is leave it to fester. As a result, the gangs continue to flourish amidst community indifference.

Many experts lack knowledge about hybrid gangs and its association to serious health risks for children. Leaders in the community have failed when it comes to using their leadership positions, For instance the American Academy of Pediatrics has failed to assist in raising awareness of hybrid gangs in south Florida.

Last fall, many SMS students in South Florida received a survey asking for their thoughts on hybrid gang's activity in South Florida area. Currently, the survey results were compared to research done by a faculty member in the sociology department, and displayed some astonishing facts in regards to the common misconceptions a lot of students have about hybrid gangs (Ovalle, 2013). The survey showed that students that were not involved in gangs failed to realize that there was a problem. The survey also showed that they were actually unaware of as to how to even handle gangs in the South Florida area.

More information did show that students are knowledgeable of street gangs in some respects. The data makes the suggestion that these misconceptions are basically the result of students' depending on fictional representations of gang life that is going on in the entertainment media.

Authorities in south Florida blame the lack of knowledge concerning hybrid gangs on poor education, a bad economy, poverty, joblessness, suspicion of the government, and lack of opportunity to clarify why gangs are becoming more prevalent (Hobson, 2013). But of course, many authorities believe that the root cause and ultimate solution to this multifaceted problem comes back to something much more fundamental.

Most of the time when a police officer asks a gang member in Florida, "Are you in a gang?" there are big chances they will say no. This is because they recognize that police place extra inspection...


Some youths feel like they need to just claim some kind of gang membership around other teens. They do this to feel tough, and gangs might expand membership numbers to make their gang seem more commanding. Also, police departments do not report gang statistics truthfully. Federal grants for dealing with gang violence provide departments incentives to exaggerate gang numbers, while some departments deny having any gang difficulties at all to quiet down the public.
In South Florida, it appears that people in the community are failing to recognize the problem that Gangs are utilizing various methods to recruit members. Most in the community are unaware that targeting in recent years has been younger and younger juvenile offenders. Gangs aggressively recruit youngsters age 15 and younger so as to carry out dangerous assignments or carry the weapons or certain types of drugs. The region is also unaware that females are also recruited and influenced into similar activities.

When the area was surveyed, South Florida recognized that they are not even familiar with the profile of a typical gang member. They did not recognize that usually they are male school dropouts or truants, without a job (Sr., 2013). The community is unaware that the hybrid gang member is typically in trouble with the police and does not have good family relations. The gang delivers identity and status and, in return, the member progresses a fierce faithfulness to the gang and nation.

The problem is that nobody understands who the hybrid gangs are. Basically, all gangs have oaths, mission statements, pledges, and a set of rules recognized as "laws" which each member must remember and abide. Loyalty is required in every facet of the gang philosophy. Admiration for the gang as a "nation" is taught and members in the community think this is not an issue. Also, the gang founders and past and present leaders are worshiped in numerous of these rituals and oaths.



In South Florida, assessing the hybrid gangs is an issue. Instead of see something that is not working, and putting their energy into making it right, they shy away from assessing. Many times, however, the South Florida community first idea of what might work is not effective. This is particularly true if residents in South Florida are not taking the time to understand the issue. Such is the case with gang crime. Too every so often, the hybrid gangs, symbolize a serious threat to the safety of communities. It is supposed that rougher legislation will counter gangs in the South Florida community when experience and research both make the suggestion that a comprehensive approach will be more effective. In a lot of communities, gang crimes are simply the tip of an iceberg that consist of an array of symptoms, risk factors, and bad results. What makes the problem complex is its variety: black, white, Hispanic, and Pacific-Asian gangs contrast, even in the similar city (Sisneros, 2009). The hybrid gangs, are dissimilar across towns and cities.

The situation has to be assessed first before anything can be done. It is obvious that before South Florida is able to come up with any type of solutions to the gang problems, it is best for them to understand the nature of the issue. Some of the things that they need to assess are the following:

1. How many gangs and gang members are there in your community?

1. What are they doing to solve issue?

1. Where are they doing it? Is it an emerging or chronic problem?

1. What sorts of local conditions contribute to your gang problem?

1. Why are young people joining gangs in your community? Information should be gathered from law enforcement, schools, community organizations, and youth, themselves.

Actions recommended by respondents to speak to the hybrid gang's involvement were logical but to enforced. If a lack of youth activities donates to gang involvement, then the provision of youth programs would be a sensible method to a solution. Also, the same could be specified for the need for jobs, and job training to ease the influence of poverty, and mentoring programs to counter negative peer or influences of the family

Sixty-four percent of community residents in south Florida, mentioned the need for jobs and job training, 57% recreation or youth programs, and 58% mentoring. Also, community leaders in South Florida…

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