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Personal specification for GCSE Mathematics position

Appropriate knowledge and skills related to the area of teaching required and a willingness to keep up-to-date.

In order to be a successful GCSE mathematics teacher, it is important that I must know appropriate knowledge about the course that I am delivering to the students and have good skills of communication so that the students understand my way of teaching as well. I have taken different courses of calculus, statistics, geometry and algebra in college as well as during the graduation level. Taking the courses has strengthened my command in mathematics and I can easily and confidently transfer the processes and concepts over to the students. Answer key in mathematics is one of the short-cuts that should be avoided so I do not allow my students to have the key with them at all as this would lower their confidence as well as mine. If the teacher is confident, then that energy is also transferred to the students who also act confidently while doing the sums and their trust in the teacher as well as themselves will increase (Zeiger, n.d.). Furthermore, I also stay up-to-dated with the emerging theories and concepts of math. I constantly look out for any new processes and concepts that would benefit the students as well as me.

A demonstrable ability to use inspiring teaching methods, produce engaging teaching materials and maintain up-to-date schemes of work

Mathematics should be taught with different methods because every child has their own abilities to understand and grasp the methods of math. A good math teacher understands that and tries to incorporate the different methods in his style of education so that all the students can benefit from him. The teacher also understands the nature of problems faced by the students and comes up with different strategies to help them. The main purpose of the math teacher should be to engage the students and motivate them into understanding the concepts. The role of a math teacher is that of a facilitator instead of a know-it-all, which encourages the student to ask anything that they do not understand without being afraid of him. If a student answers incorrectly, it is the duty of the teacher to not let him feel down Or embarrassed but instead encourage him to figure out the mistake (Zeiger, n.d.).

Ability to conduct relevant practical activities inline with current health & safety regulation and carry out appropriate risk assessments.

A good mathematics teacher knows that their focus should be more on the students and less on the content because if the student does not understand the processes then there is no point of finishing the content. There is no practical activity required in mathematics, but my teaching style includes practical methods that mix up with the formulas which become easy to remember for the students. I make sure that the students are safe in accordance to the safety and health regulation.

The ability to undertake the interviewing, enrolment and tutoring of students

Every parent wants their child to progress and when it comes to math, a lot of children have difficulty in understanding the concepts. With my experience, I have the skills to tutor the students by keeping in mind their limit of how much they can take in a day without getting confused about the processes. Furthermore my communication skills are good and I have interviewed students in the past as well. Interviewing them in a way that they are confident and do not get confused during it makes the students bring out more of what they know.

Administration and organizational skills including extensive use of basic desktop...


Being a teacher, we have to do a lot of paper work as well, which I personally store in files and in a cabinet with markings so that if need be, looking for the file would not take extra time. I also have experience in administrative work.

The ability to work in a team and contribute effectively to the achievements of a team.

In a college environment, it is important to work in a team because your colleagues also, in projects, look forward to you as a leader Which helps instill confidence and leadership skills. It is important to work in a team in order to create different ways for the students to be interactive. Different conferences and workshops can be arranged in which the students can take part. Working with colleagues would help in implementing new formats and also help the college to progress further.

The ability to relate to and motivate students from a variety of backgrounds and ages, and to employ effective teaching strategies.

A good teacher knows when the student is having bad days and it is his duty to understand the problem and help him overcome it because that would help the student to understand the concepts more clearly. I try to recognize whenever a student needs motivation to focus on the subject. I do make expectations of the students but at the same time I understand that a student might have to go through problems that would affect his work and understanding, so I try to take out time from my routine and help the student as well.

An ability to prepare appropriate teaching/learning materials and to draw up relevant assessment criteria.

Being an experienced teacher, I have everything planned out in advanced. In order for the students to understand the processes, it is important to make them go through different techniques that would help them to understand the problems from more than one aspect. I also create test sheets and give them to the students every two weeks so that they know how much they have learned so far.

An ability to provide good tutorial support to a group of students.

If there are some students who require lessons, I take time out from my schedule to help them. As a good teacher I understand that every child has his/her limit and they cannot go through everything in one day, which is why I give extra tutorial lessons whenever required.

Ability to articulate interest in the current key issues affecting the Further Education sector.

As a staff member, I make sure that the current main issues of the administration and the organization are kept in mind and worked out without affecting the entire program of the college and the educational sector.

Aptitude for proactive identification and solution of problems and barriers to effective working

A student can face different problems while finding solutions in math. Different barriers can stop the work from being understood which can include intellectual, environmental or cultural blocks. Intellectual barrier can happen when a person cannot stimulate the information thus facing problems in understanding the sum. Environment blocks happen when an external barrier is disturbing the student and he is not able to perform or understand. Cultural blocks happen when a person is not able to concentrate and his mind is somewhere else. These barriers cause problems for the students and can only be overcome by proper communication. Questioning repeatedly helps to build confidence and trust between the student and the teacher (ITS, n.d.).

To have strong sense of purpose and the drivet o achieve agreed goals; Aptitude for proactive identification and solution of problems and barriers to effective working.

It is important for the teacher to motivate the students so that they do not fall behind and instead of shying away, they ask questions. I strategize my class in a way that every student gets proper attention. After each question, I give them an exercise and visit each desk to see if there is any problem. This helps to build a positive relationship between the teacher and the student and sends the message to the student that they should not be afraid to ask questions. Furthermore, I also give time after class and take time out for tutorials and any student is welcome to take the extra classes.

Understanding or experience of promoting and embedding widening participation, inclusive of learning and equal opportunities

A lot of teachers get biased when it comes to teaching and favour some students over the others. This however puts a very negative impression among the students and many lose motivation of learning math. A teacher should never teach with bias which is why I try my best to give every child an equal chance. I encourage my students to contact me any time they want to and I would be there to help them at any time. I also discuss the weekly quiz with every student at my table so that they do not get the impression of any form of bias.

Ability to use an appropriate range of learning resources to promote high quality teaching and learning.…

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