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48"Oh," cried Lizzie, "Laura, Laura, 49 You should not peep at goblin men."

Lizzie cover'd up her eyes, 51 Cover'd close lest they should look;

Laura rear'd her glossy head, 53 and whisper'd like the restless brook:

54"Look, Lizzie, look, Lizzie, 55 Down the glen tramp little men.

One hauls a basket, 57 One bears a plate, 58 One lugs a golden dish

Of many pounds weight.

How fair the vine must grow

Whose grapes are so luscious;

How warm the wind must blow

Through those fruit bushes."

64"No," said Lizzie, "No, no, no;

Their offers should not charm us, 66 Their evil gifts would harm us."



thrust a dimpled finger
In each ear, shut eyes and ran:

Curious Laura chose to linger

Wondering at each merchant man.

One had a cat's face, 72 One whisk'd a tail, 73 One tramp'd at a rat's pace, 74 One crawl'd like a snail, 75 One like a wombat prowl'd obtuse and furry, 76 One like a ratel tumbled hurry skurry.

She heard a voice like voice of doves

Cooing all together:

They sounded kind and full of loves

In the pleasant weather.

Laura stretch'd her gleaming neck

Like a rush-imbedded swan, 83 Like a lily from the beck, 84 Like a moonlit poplar branch, 85 Like a vessel at the launch

When its last restraint is gone.

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