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In one of the scenes Constance tells Alice that she knows she will die before very long and would much rather die in the country because she has found a bit of happiness there. Alice informs Constance that she certainly isn't thinking of dying but is heading off to go fishing leaving Constance to her crying along. Another leader exists in the form of Winnie Holden who is the group's initiator and leader in the fitness and dance class in the kitchen of the old cottage.

Sher (2005) states in the review of the film published in the Canadian Filmwriters Journal (2005):

'Cissy Meddings is an elf-like woman with an irresistible smile and disposition with no hint of the stroke that had left her bed-ridden. Beth Webber is all British reserve, better dressed for high tea than a hike." (Sher, 2005)


Alice is strong where Constance...


The candid dialogue that takes place between the women in this film is such that this type of dialogue is rarely witnessed in reality. The women upon having found the abandoned cottage immediately form a 'group' that is tight and operates in a coordinated manner giving structure to their relations.

The scenes in the film provide opportunities for the central issues in the lives of these very different women to be explored. It is through the use of simple conversations that the lives of the women in this film are explored in a candid manner revealing these women to each other, themselves and the viewer revealing all the underlying layers of joy and pain in their lives.


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"The Company of Strangers" (1990) National Film Board in Canada.

Sher, Emil (2005) Canadian Screenwriter Journal Online available at:

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