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The author states that the laws of citizenship have also shown an even greater amount of discrimination. The article goes on to describe the various laws as they relate to birthright and citizenship.

The important point is made that most people receive citizen as a result of birth right and not naturalization. It is also noted that for the first hundred years of the history of the county little concern was given to racial minorities.

Blacks for example were denied citizenship in 1857 - which was rectified by the Civil Rights act of 1866. The author also cites other instances of discrimination after this period. This discrimination was also to apply to the granting of citizenship to the Native American Indians. It was only in 1940 that the basic law of citizenship, namely that a person born in the country is a citizen of the county, was fully applied.

The author also mentions that racial restrictions on citizenship still apply to some extent today. This refers to those who would return to the time when citizenship depended on racial parameters, such as immigrant status; for example the denial of citizenship to children born in the country form undocumented immigrants. The author states that this is a view that is based on racial discriminatory factors. There is therefore a concern among many critics that racial relations and discrimination can still have an effect on citizenship issues.

The article goes on to discuss the problems of naturalization in the same vein and points out the racial and discriminatory history of this process. This has been particularly the case in terms of Asian naturalization. Chinese people also had to wait until 1940, when they were allowed to naturalize. The article deals as well with the problematics of gender issues and criticisms, which are also related to racial…

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