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Heal Sometimes: My Nursing Ethic

The job of a nurse is to help their patients (Board of Registered Nurses 2013). This is more than just helping to heal their physical or mental illnesses or injuries. It is also about being compassionate and understanding, to make the patient feel safe and to try to help them deal with the anxiety and fear of being in a hospital setting. As a nurse, I believe in doing everything that is possible to help my patients while maintaining ethical standards as well. In the chapter entitled "To Heal Sometimes, to Comfort Always," the author explains that there is far more to nursing than simply evaluating illness or injury and helping to provide treatment for the condition. Above all else, a nurse should be the person who treats the mental state of the patient and tries to make them feel better about being in a hospital and about receiving treatments. Since patients will naturally be upset, aggravated, and displeased, nurses must have a personality that empathizes and also possess a demeanor which is soothing and comforting that will help the patient.

My PASSION is for helping others. This passion is what encourages me to pursue my medical treatment is that doctors and nurses care more about the medical practices than about the patients, that they perform actions which hurt and fail to act when the cost is too high. This disheartens me as I think first and foremost about those in my care and how best to help them through their time of need.

My MOTIVATION to keep going is to provide for myself and my family because the profession does provide a good salary, but also because I know I will do a wonderful job as a nurse. There are both prosaic and emotional reasons why I have chosen nursing as my profession. I have a great deal of empathy for those who are suffering and this will allow me to be compassionate with my charges. It has always been part of my character to be a caregiver. When members of my family were ill, I would always be the one to take care of them and this is still the case. The same is true for my friends. This need to help others has always been a big part of my identity and this need motivate…

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