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Health Care Law LC1

Read: Compliance needs a shrewd strategic plan


Discuss the reasons why healthcare organizations should include a compliance program into their strategic planning?

In short, the Cerrato story linked above discusses and makes clear, more or less, that it is a non-optional part of doing business in the healthcare business and sphere. He noted that healthcare providers must comply with "a long list of healthcare-related laws and regulations" and that it remains "a major challenge for provider organizations around the country" (Cerrato, 2013). Just a short list of reasons why compliance should be a focal point within the broader strategic planning sphere for healthcare organizations is because doing otherwise can open a company to civil liability, can open up a company to agency sanction, can open up a company to criminal charges (in extreme cases), can lead to a degradation or failure to improve patient care, can lead to loss or corruption of patient or other medical data and so forth (Cerrato, 2013).

2. What is the benefit of having a strong compliance program in place? Cite examples.

Benefits to having a strategic and full compliance plan in place would include a mindfulness about legal and patient standards, less legal and/or public agency liability or regulation, less negative press, better patient outcomes and a better reputation (Cerrato, 2013).



Long Beach Mental Healthcare Facility Claims it Was in Compliance With Regulations at the Time of Actor's Son's Suicide


Any blunt object could be lethal. George Carlin made a joke about being able to use the Sunday edition of the New York Times as a weapon in a bit he did about airport security. In the case of St. John, it would perhaps have been wise to keep bags away from him but keeping under consistent suicide watch would have been the wiser course. Even so, depending on the mandated check-in intervals, it may not have mattered. Short of having the patients under constant video surveillance at all times by a person who monitors the video, there is probably only so much that can be done. The patient/provider ratio will never be close to 1:1 (it isn't even that way in prisons) so dedicated attention is not possible or affordable (Rivera, 2015).



Describe in your own words, the stages of life on earth. Start with no life and stop with humans. Please use only scientific evidence, and not opinion.

Under the commonly accepted science of the matter,…

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