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The reason why, is because this is a sign that the quality of care that is being provided in declining. What normally happens is staff members, will often become frustrated with: health care environments that are inefficient and where management has an attitude of indifference. This is problematic, because it can spread through the organization like cancer by: eating away at the fundamentals that made the facility great.

Once this occurs, it will have an impact on: the costs, efficiency and profitability of the hospital. This is the point that this could undermine the reputation of facility and it could have an impact on the brand. When this takes place, it is a sign that many hospitals are falling into a downward spiral of: declining quality of care and increasing costs. At which point, it only becomes a matter of time until: some kind of major restructuring must occur or the facility will go into receivership. This is when it will be difficult, to address these issues, due...


Some of the most notable include: a rigid management structure, increasing expenses associated with heavy competition and the large amounts of employee turnover. These different elements are important, because they are indicating that the facility is wrestling with major issues that could have an impact on its long-term economic viability.

As a result, some kind of drastic action must be taken to address these challenges. These factors are significant, because they are illustrating how the costs of care are increasing and the impact that it is having on the profit margins. If left unaddressed, this will eat away at the advantages that the hospital is currently enjoying to include: a large number of doctors, innovative procedures and a favorable image among patients.

Over the course of time, this will eliminate any kind of benefits that are being enjoyed by the staff. As the negative perceptions will become a reality and the kind of treatment options that are provided will be more limited. At the moment, this is already occurring with: competitors taking select amounts of patients and the inability of administrators to adjust to these changes. Once this happens, it means that it is only a matter of time until the hospital will face a number of different challenges. Therefore, some kind of action must be taken before it is too late.


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