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Reply to Angelica Regarding Health Issues to Resolve

The time until the insurance coverage could work when you are not 26 years old, and the parents salary could be used to pay the insurance plans charges (, 2022). Keeping the daughter covered until she is 26 years old should not be an issue for the parent since the company is not providing a comprehensive insurance plan. Waiting tables at a restaurant would not be a handsomely paid job when insurance debts are concerned. She might have a problem managing the funds for the insurance if her parents do not give her time to find another job that pays for her plan thoroughly. Also, there is a possibility that after gaining experience with her current job, she would achieve a better job appointment at a better company that serves its employees in the right manner.

The value-added compensations that a company provides for its employees are crucial factors that employees deem under job satisfaction, employee engagement, or lower employee retention rate for that company. The firms have to retain good workers, and for that, it has to exhibit competitive market compensations, in which health insurance plan is included. 97% of the employers are now offering employee health insurance as they think they have a corporate responsibility towards their dedication (Mulligan, 2021, p. 7). Group purchasing of these plans remains a convenient option for the companies so that the maximum number of employees can be covered. However, there are certain conditions to be eligible for it; a 26-year-old could be one of them and has to be negotiated discounts for either public or private health insurance offered by the company.

According to Bible, reflective thinking about making wise plans for any contingency health dangers in the future is evident. A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions Proverb 27:12 (Chery, 2022).


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