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Research has shown that good communication amid patients and health care providers is directly connected to a person's happiness, treatment adherence and affirmative health results (Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers, 2007).

The goal of a lot of provider-oriented health it tools is to make relevant patient information flawlessly and unmistakably accessible to providers at the point of care. In so doing, these tools can decrease clinical indecision related to blurred or mistaken patient information that may be found in a handwritten medical record. In the nonexistence of desired information or in the presence of blurred or uncertain data, providers may undervalue patient precise information while at the same time overweighting their own medical viewpoints, suppositions, prejudices, or stereotypes about certain kinds of patients. If apparent and precise patient information is accessible to the clinician, the utilization of this information should augment, getting rid of the need for relying on less suitable data. Over time this could have the growing effect of promoting high quality tailored care and dropping select healthcare difference s (Gibbons, 2011).

The cultural and racial...


Enhancing cultural competence and eradicating health care disparities will help to get rid of these differences while increasing the quality of care and accessibility of care for those who are at risk. Doing this will have many positive social implications in the health care system today.


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