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Public Speaking Advertising Policy Planned Events

The objective of this study is to write an in depth analysis of a public speaking advertising policy planned event specific to football and to identify the stakeholders and their motivation. The event will be evaluated from various dimensions such as social psychology, planning logistics and finance management.

Brief Overview and Description of Organization and Event for Analysis

Strategic communication is used for information of persuasion purposes and has a purpose of constructing understand as well as "support for ideas and causes, services, and products." (Oussoumanou, 2002, p. 3) Public relations must be a regular practiced by strategic communicators. Public relations are reported to be "the most common embodiment of strategic communication…" (Oussoumanou, 2002, p.3) The organization and event for analysis in this study is that of the formation of a football team at a local high school and how support for the formation of the football team can be gained from the public community and its businesses.

II. Purpose of the Event

The purpose of the event is to relate the fact that sport will be continued to be used in demonstration of benefits that are tangible to communities individually as well as to the country as a whole and if sports are to be enabled to compete with the other causes that are worthy and for the public resources of a limited nature and considering that there is a competition worldwide for funding that is available, then sports must step up and plea its cause to those with the resources to support sporting events and athletes. The Sport and Recreation for the Republic of South Africa states specifically "Sport has proven social and economic value to society differing only in magnitude from country to country." (p.13) Stated as well is that a dearth of evidence exists that demonstrates that sport "has the ability to overcome social barriers and empower individuals. It can contribute towards social cohesion, and provide opportunities for engagement on community life through voluntary work. Well-designed sport and physical activity programmes are powerful tools for fostering healthy child and individual development; teaching positive values and life skills; reducing conflict and criminal behavior; strengthening education and preventing diseases. These programs can also help to empower and promote the inclusion of marginalized groups, especially women, the youth, people in rural areas and people with disabilities. Sport's unparalleled popularity and reach makes it a highly effective communication and social mobilization tool." (Sport and Recreation for the Republic of South Africa, nd, p. 13) Research conducted in the United Kingdom since 2002 has demonstrated that "specialist sports schools and schools with physical education and sport focus have shown improved grades and reported reductions in truancy." (Sport and Recreation for the Republic of South Africa, nd, p. 13) In addition it has been demonstrated that children participating in sport "are generally healthier and have more resistance to disease." (Sport and Recreation for the Republic of South Africa, nd, p. 13) The purpose of this event is to educate the public on the importance of a football program at a high school and to garner funding and support both financially and in terms of volunteer labor from members of the community to support the football program at the high school.

III. Description of the Target Audience

The target audience at this event will be community members, parents of children attending the high school, businesses in the community with the capacity to assist with funding of the high school football program, and other funding sources in and about the community within which the high school is situated.

IV. Organizational and Staffing Arrangements

The event will be held at a local Holiday Inn banquet room. The invitees include five hundred individuals from the community representative of the high school Board of Education, Principals, potential coaches and other key employees of the high school. Member of the community will include parents of children attending the high school and who are interested in playing football and representative members of the Chamber of Commerce and businesses within the community in which the high school is situated.

V. Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and advertising will be accomplished through informative news reports in the local newspaper and on radios and television. Flyers will be distributed throughout the community as well as posters that will be posted in local businesses in the community. There will also be a special meeting called during PTA to discuss the event.

VI. Financial Arrangements (Expenses and Sources of Income)

Businesses in the area will be contacted for support in the form of food items for the banquet, tables and tablecloths and tableware. Parents of children attending the high school who are supportive of the formation of a football team for the high school will be asked to volunteer their time in preparing and serving food for the banquet. Fundraisers are also planned to fund the event including a car wash to take place at the school in the location of outside water hydrants and hoses will be donated by the local Wal-Mart as will soap and washing sponges and other necessary items. As well, there are to be donation jars placed around town in various businesses and restaurants to solicit donations for the banquet and should serve to garner some support from individuals who are in favor of a high school football team.

VII. Description of the Event's Environment (Location, Areas, Facilities)

The event will be held at the local Holiday Inn Banquet room and will be by reservation only through tickets that are sold purchased to reserve seating for the event. The banquet room is a large-capacity room capable of seating 500 people to dinner. Following the meal being served there will be various speakers invited to speak who will provide information about the high school football team formation, the guidelines, policy matter and other information necessary to inform the public and gain their support of the formation of the high school football team and the local high school.

VIII. Social Psychology, Planning Logistics and Finance Management

The work of Camire, Trudel and Forneris (2008) reports that it is generally believed that "sport can be used as a tool to promote life skills and positive youth development." (p. 1) Additionally reported is "In order to enhance youth's psychosocial development and reduce the occurrence of negative experiences, Petitpas et al. (2005) developed a framework for planning youth sport programmes. According to the framework, youth are most likely to experience positive development in the presence of (1) an appropriate environment (context), (2) caring adults (external assets), and (3) when they are provided opportunities to acquire life skills (internet assets)." (p. 3) Before becoming involved in high school sports, it is related that some of the athletes reported that first they were required to "negotiated with their parents the school in which they were going to enroll, as some schools in the region offer specialized sport programmes called 'sport-etude'. Generally, competitive sports are practiced after regular school hours; however, at 'sport-etude'schools, sports are integrated into the school's regular curriculum. A typical school day consists of doing academic work in the morning and practicing a chosen sport in the afternoon." (Camire, Trudel and Forneris, 2008, p. 5) It is reported that the reasons stated for negotiation with parents included the "possibility of playing high school sport, some for financial reasons and others for logistical reasons." (Camire, Trudel and Forneris, 2008, p. 6) For this reason the necessary financial and logistics for individual players must be addressed to overcome the barriers that present for some young people to participate in the high school football team.

IX. Analysis

The event was a success in that the parents and other stakeholders were on the receiving end of information that was necessary in gaining their support for the formation of the high school football team. The servers were adept at serving the meal which was food prepared with a football theme that kept the attendees in reminder of why they were attending the event and which allowed the speakers to reference food items served at the banquet to make their points and leave a lasting and pleasant impression on those who attended the banquet. The decor was also accomplished using a football theme and it is notable that servers were dressed as football players, cheerleaders and mascots to give the banquet a festive air. Large screens dominated each wall of the banquet room and vintage high school football team games were played throughout the banquet at a low volume. During the break in between speeches the halftime performances of various bands in the region were played to keep the momentum moving and build the excitement of those attending the banquet and to give the room the aura of a high school football game. Individuals who had played high school football were invited to stand and tell what playing on a high school football team had meant to them and what playing football in high school…

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