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Each base their stories in the excluded diversity of first-generation immigrants - Samad and Jess's parents - but it is the younger characters' exploration of and affiliation with the exterior society that allows for a most accurate reflection of cultural mores.

Jess, whose natural talent and skill remind the viewer of the recent star Aman Dosaj of Manchester United, is torn apart by her love and respect for her family and culture and desire to take part in the greater world surrounding her. Yet, while she plays football and becomes friends with female athletes and romantically involved with...


Instead, she mollifies her own frustrations with the ethnic community with the insertion of cell phones, designer clothes, and expensive accessories; in the wedding scene, the younger girls stand in staunch visual opposition to the older women around them, whose hand-sewn, demure clothes reveal their traditional values. Like Millit and Magid, the two siblings approach their new world differently, but absolutely approach their second-generation status with a more inclusive acceptance of the diverse world in which they live.

White Teeth and Bend it Like Beckham are accessible exposures of the new forms of ethnicity rampant in the diverse, multicultural world of the new millennium. At once, the main characters are both local and global, sharing in a universalism that overpowers their varied differences. Smith and Chaddha examine the new global aesthetic through multicultrality in the face of staunch homogeneity; ultimately, its limitations are interpreted in reality, not art, where the differences between the cultures epitomized by both pieces challenge, explore, and expand long-established definitions of prejudice, culture, community.

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