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b. A group of upper-caste professionals seeking independence from Britain.

c. white settlers who administered British rule.

d. anglicized Indians who were the social equals of white rulers.

Under the Culture System, Indonesian peasants had to Answer:

a. learn to speak and read Dutch b. plant one-fifth of their land in export crops to be turned over to the Dutch colonial government c. convert to the Dutch Reformed Church d. join large state-run farms.

Modern Vietnamese nationalism traced much of its inspiration to Answer:

a. Japanese modernization.

b. China's "Hundred Days" Reform program.

c. The U.S. Declaration of Independence.

d. British Fabian socialism.

The Taiping rebels in China aimed to Answer:

a. establish a utopian society with equal landholdings, equality of men and women, and no prostitution or opium use.

b. expel all Christian influences from China and kill all western missionaries.

c. restore the Ming dynasty to power and get rid of the Manchus.

d. create a socialist society based on the teachings of Marx and Engels.

What were the historical precedents that animated the Chinese reformers of 1898...


Napoleon's Empire.
b. The United States' War of independence and the Mexican-American War of 1848.

c. The French conquest of Vietnam and Ethiopian resistance to Italian imperialism.

d. The partitions of Poland and the Meiji Restoration.

All of the following were actions taken by the Meiji leaders in the 1870s except:


a. conscripting commoners into the army.

b. establishment of universal manhood suffrage.

c. abolition of the legal privileges of the samurai.

d. abolition of the domains.

All of the following were aspects of early Japanese industrialization except:


a. sending students abroad.

b. government assistance in the establishment of railroads, mines, and factories.

c. exporting silk and tea to the West.

d. collectivization of agriculture.

What was the initial Korean response to Western pressure to open up for trade and diplomatic relations?


a. Korea made immediate concessions to U.S. warships.

b. Korea requested Western aid against Chinese occupiers.

c. Korea referred the Westerners to China for negotiation.

d. Korea attacked foreign ships and repelled invasion.

The primary goal of the Creole leaders of the Latin American independence movement was to:


a. establish a

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