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The history from the Renaissance to the Machine Age was defined by major technical and stylistic advances that allowed for much larger, taller, more elegant buildings, and higher degrees of functionality and architectural expression.

In cultural and scientific matters, the Modern Era was characterized by an increasingly rationalistic trajectory of thought which was based on an ethos of the humanistic exploration of reality and truth. While in a cultural sense religion still played a significant role, the Industrial Revolution as well as the advent of the Machine Age and the predominance of empirical science and the scientific method, had overtaken the norms and values of the rural...


There were many other factors that played an important role in the scientific culture of this era, including the rise of Capitalism and international trade. This in turn is linked to other concomitant factors such as the use of steam and the creation of the machine and factory. This led to a complex and dynamic modern cultural environment which was largely a result of earlier questioning and deconstruction of centuries of accepted norms and values.

Central to the modern era was the focus on the individual and the subsequent sociological struggle between the individual and the larger society in terms of the power of the individual to determine his

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